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there's a wind in the wires

and it's singing to the sky

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Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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, , 35mm cameras, abnormal psychology, asl, baking, battery operated boyfriends, bibliophiles, bibliophilia, biology, black phoenix alchemy lab, board games, body art, bookstores, bubble tea, c is for cookie, canada, card games, charles de lint, chocolate, comics, cooking, cool shit, debauchery, defenestration, discworld, domestic mischief, dork hats, dry humour, e.e.cummings, emotional maturity, equal rights, erotica, fairytales, fantasy, fat dykes, fiction, final fantasy, freedom of belief, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, french, gaming, gay pride, gay rights, geekery, giant motherfucking robots, girls in glasses, glitter, grammar, graphic design, guy gavriel kay, gynecology, hangin' in my jammies, health care, human rights, ian m banks, knitting, language, left-wing politics, liberal claptrap, linguistics, literature, making inappropriate comments, medicine, men who are grownups, mental illness, money (or lack thereof), movies, musicals, navel-gazing, neil gaiman, other stuff, ottawa, pho, photography, photoshop, pitying bigots, please and thank you, poetic justices, political junkies, politics, pro-porn feminism, public displays of shut-the-fuck-up, rampant awesomeness, roleplaying, schadenfreude, science, science fiction, sewing, sex activism, sex education, sexual objectification of politicians, shenanigans, shiny things, skepticism, slam poetry, socialism, star trek, stripy socks, sushi, swing dancing, talking with my hands, tea, terry pratchett, thai food, the smell of books, therapy, uppity poor people, urban fantasy, vicarious anecdotal evidence, victorian literature, weirding out the mundanes, what makes things tick, william gibson, █♥█, ,

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