Aug. 5th, 2013

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Aug. 5th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Sun, 14:54: RT @tithenai: The line-up for this anthology is AMAZING--surprised it doesn't have more support. MOTHERSHIP: Afrofuturism & Beyond http://t…
  • Sun, 15:17: Dear body: Go suck an egg.
  • Sun, 20:56: Finally watched Silver Linings Playbook. Wow, how utterly offensive. So glad I went in prepared from others' commentary.
  • Sun, 21:01: Also: Does Jennifer Lawrence ever play anyone but herself? Cooper transformed; she never seems to, in ANYTHING. Weird.
  • Sun, 21:16: Also, awkward as hell: When you're critical of an actor's performance on Twitter and then they favourite it.
  • Sun, 21:33: RT @TheLBDofficial: And the new series is... EMMA!!! #EmmaApproved #TheLBD #VidCon
  • Mon, 04:44: Too upset to sleep. Solution: Put on ridiculous back episodes of Supernatural and get on the exercise bike. #workitoff
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My cellphone is currently in for repairs and not having it is driving me absolutely batshit. I do have a landline, specifically because my Lifeline medical service needs one, but it doesn't normally even have a physical phone hooked up to it. I stole a spare wall phone from my parents', though, so that I could have a way to call out while I wait to get my real phone back.

I got my first ever phone call on the landline today and it was GREAT.

The call was supposedly from a guy at "Windows Technical Support", trying to inform me that my computer has been hacked! It is doing very bad things, ma'am! I must let him help me fix it or it will become very bad problem very soon!

Me: "Uhhh. What?"
Him: "We have been sending you notices, ma'am. You not get our notices, ma'am?"
Me: "No. And my computer is fine."
Him: "No, no, it is very bad. You may think this, ma'am, but it is very bad problem. It is hacked! This is Windows Technical Support, ma'am. I have your security ID. I can give you security ID and you can confirm on your PC. Go to your PC, go to Start Menu, and I will show you."
Me: "How did you get this number?"
Him: "This is number you registered Microsoft with, ma'am. We have IT department and they trace this number back to you with security ID."
Me: "Okay, registering my Microsoft is not actually a thing. And this number is less than three months old*. My copy of WINDOWS, not Microsoft, is much older than that and was registered as a different person with different contact information than me. You're very bad at this."
Him: "No, ma'am, maybe you think that, but we have IT Department, and they get this number."
Me: "From whom? From Bell? From Rogers? They gave you my information?"
Him: "Yes, ma'am."
Me: "Those are two different companies. You are VERY bad at this."
Him: "Ma'am, you must believe me, this is very serious. I can give you security ID. You can confirm on your PC. For last fifteen days, your computer is hacked and doing very bad things."
Me: "For the last fifteen days, my computer has been TURNED OFF, because I was out of town. You are the worst scammer ever."

Eventually I hung up. But it was fun. I never get scam calls! This totally made my day. Though, as [ profile] harald387 pointed out, I probably get them all the time and just have no idea because normally there's no phone there to ring.

Maybe I should just keep the phone so really bad scammers can continue to amuse me. :D

* I swapped providers for the landline this past spring, and with that came a new number.


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