Aug. 3rd, 2013

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Aug. 3rd, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Fri, 12:59: RT @NMamatas: Unless your rhetorical foe is named Dr Athena Kali Lunarwymyn and her PhD thesis is was PARTHENOGESIS OR EXTINCTION, likely n…
  • Fri, 14:07: RT @SciencePorn: Non-smoker lungs vs Smoker lungs (black). If you haven't quit yet, there's still time!
  • Fri, 14:36: Why is everything so itchy today? Ears, butt, boobs, scalp, feet - ITCHY! Have I finally developed an allergy to existing? #takingbets
  • Fri, 16:42: RT @emilyterrible: once more for friday morning -- I'll be working on the graphic novel adaptation of the book "SPEAK"! more info here: htt…
  • Fri, 17:27: RT @Jezebel: I sucked on a breast milk lollipop and lived to write about it
  • Fri, 17:28: RT @Jezebel: Sorry, food porn haters: Instagramming your meal makes it taste better
  • Fri, 19:35: RT @GlennF: I keep saying I’d be happy to pay EU-style taxes for EU-style benefits. I pay plenty of tax now without any of those.
  • Fri, 21:55: Nothing like accidentally spraying yourself point-blank in the face with perfume. WAUGH. #hack #wheeze #spit
  • Fri, 22:27: Off to pick up my mom at the airport. I just know she's going to have packed like eight suitcases and be unable to carry them all herself.
  • Fri, 22:30: The guy in front of me on the bus smells really fucking good. It would be creepy to discreetly sniff him, right? @NBCHannibal
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