Jul. 18th, 2013

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Jul. 18th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Wed, 14:56: RT @AM980News: Believe it or not, the humidex will make London, Ontario feel hotter today than Cairo, Kandahar, and Mumbai. http://t.co/Nwh…
  • Thu, 00:30: Me, to @ems_dilemma: "This dress is TOO SMALL. I am not buying it just because it gapes cleavage everywhere. No, not even if you pout!"
  • Thu, 00:35: RT @femfreq: Denying or dismissing the sexism that permeates our culture is, in and of itself, a form of sexism.
  • Thu, 00:38: RT @johncheese: Here, have this: http://t.co/JcFiPg3mw8
  • Thu, 00:39: RT @McArthurMooney: Theory: Everyone in Ontario died in last week's flood, and hell is just surprisingly humid and more subtle in its tortu…
  • Thu, 01:10: OH MY GOD @ansonfrog has cinnamon churro ice cream. I am going to die.
  • Thu, 02:27: Well fuck. My phone just bricked itself -- thinks it's charging when it isn't and won't turn on. Maybe a short somewhere?
  • Thu, 02:29: No idea what to do now. If I were home, I'd take my phone to @virginmobilecan for repairs, but am still here in the US for next 1.5 weeks.
  • Thu, 02:39: Yes, @The_Gecko, tried to do a full reboot. Phone is stuck on trying to show me how much it's charging while off and won't boot up again.
  • Thu, 02:40: The internets and their forums suspect it's a bent charging pin causing a short but I don't see that to be the case.
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