Mar. 12th, 2013

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Mar. 12th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Mon, 12:27: Mom: "What on earth is that piece of machinery?" "Speed up so I can Google the serial number? Ok, it's a hay thresher. Want Youtube video?"
  • Mon, 12:29: Mom: "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" "I have internet on my phone? We live in the future now, Mom."
  • Mon, 13:11: Just found out it's illegal in Ontario (since 2009) to smoke in a vehicle containing minors, windows down or no. $125 fine. #themoreyouknow
  • Mon, 14:42: RT @amirightfolks: When you victim-blame, be aware that in all likelihood, at least one woman you know and love silently decides she cannot trust you.
  • Mon, 14:47: Dad asks for help picking new glasses. Find a pair that look STELLAR on him. He freaks out, buys same frames he's worn for 45yrs. Poor dad!
  • Mon, 15:13: Oof. Today's "A Softer World": #selfinjury #depression #recovery
  • Mon, 15:55: What goddamn part of "I'm having vertigo and noise sensitivity, so can we be quiet for a bit?" means you should turn on the fucking radio?
  • Mon, 16:55: You guys, @deadophelia is saying she wants to amputate my face. I am not even going to provide commentary on that one. It stands alone.
  • Mon, 17:24: Help me, Twitter! Asparagus sauteed in lemon & garlic. Do I want to add melted asiago cheese? Or a dash of balsamic & crumbled feta?
  • Mon, 18:43: Went with shaved asiago. And carmelized onions because, oops, poured in a little too much garlic olive oil! Had to use that up. #noms
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