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My cellphone is currently in for repairs and not having it is driving me absolutely batshit. I do have a landline, specifically because my Lifeline medical service needs one, but it doesn't normally even have a physical phone hooked up to it. I stole a spare wall phone from my parents', though, so that I could have a way to call out while I wait to get my real phone back.

I got my first ever phone call on the landline today and it was GREAT.

The call was supposedly from a guy at "Windows Technical Support", trying to inform me that my computer has been hacked! It is doing very bad things, ma'am! I must let him help me fix it or it will become very bad problem very soon!

Me: "Uhhh. What?"
Him: "We have been sending you notices, ma'am. You not get our notices, ma'am?"
Me: "No. And my computer is fine."
Him: "No, no, it is very bad. You may think this, ma'am, but it is very bad problem. It is hacked! This is Windows Technical Support, ma'am. I have your security ID. I can give you security ID and you can confirm on your PC. Go to your PC, go to Start Menu, and I will show you."
Me: "How did you get this number?"
Him: "This is number you registered Microsoft with, ma'am. We have IT department and they trace this number back to you with security ID."
Me: "Okay, registering my Microsoft is not actually a thing. And this number is less than three months old*. My copy of WINDOWS, not Microsoft, is much older than that and was registered as a different person with different contact information than me. You're very bad at this."
Him: "No, ma'am, maybe you think that, but we have IT Department, and they get this number."
Me: "From whom? From Bell? From Rogers? They gave you my information?"
Him: "Yes, ma'am."
Me: "Those are two different companies. You are VERY bad at this."
Him: "Ma'am, you must believe me, this is very serious. I can give you security ID. You can confirm on your PC. For last fifteen days, your computer is hacked and doing very bad things."
Me: "For the last fifteen days, my computer has been TURNED OFF, because I was out of town. You are the worst scammer ever."

Eventually I hung up. But it was fun. I never get scam calls! This totally made my day. Though, as [ profile] harald387 pointed out, I probably get them all the time and just have no idea because normally there's no phone there to ring.

Maybe I should just keep the phone so really bad scammers can continue to amuse me. :D

* I swapped providers for the landline this past spring, and with that came a new number.
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Matt: "So I know I already borrowed all your USB storage devices, but I'm leaving for a 15-hour train ride right after work. Do you have anything left that you could fill up with TV and movies for me? So I could quickly pick it up from you on my way out?"

Because I AM AWESOME, I told him to email transfer me $50 right away while he's at work and I went out and bought him a 64 GB USB stick. Which is kind of ridiculous, I know -- he'd be better off with a portable hard drive. But he had a 500 GB one already that he misplaced six months ago and doesn't want to buy another one because he thinks he can still find it, even though it's not at my parents' and none of his friends can find it at their homes.

*throws hands up*

At any rate, now he has a humongous USB stick that is his and his alone. We have agreed that he will return all of mine to me after this trip (I'll have to badger him, but that's okay, it's a normal state of affairs) and from now on he will use HIS stick when getting stuff from me. He will keep it on his keychain until such time as it dies on him or he decides to get something better himself.

And yes, I will fill it full of goodies for him for his trip.

You know, there are people who have met us who think he is the older sibling. Really. Really. I give those people the kind of look that can melt faces. As the older sibling, you see, I am capable of that look.
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So last night my poor old dying computer began making this deep WHUUUUUN ... WHUUUUUUN ... WHUUUUUN noise, different from the dying fan noise it usually makes. (The usual fan noise is on a faster cycle and not as deep. When it happens, I just smack my case lightly next to where I know the fan is and it stops for a day or so.)

I couldn't make it stop! It kept me awake. I tried turning my computer off but then the complete lack of any white noise at all became A DEAFENING SILENCE that also kept me awake. And then my neighbours started arguing. (My headboard is right against the shared wall.) And then they went to bed and started that explosive snoring again.

If I'd been less horribly sleep deprived, I would have thought to download my RainyMood mp3 to my new phone and plug my phone into my speakers and leave that running all night, but I wasn't capable at the time. Instead I'll do that tonight, and in the meantime I've had about 3 hours of sleep. (I thought it was 4, but then I remembered my mom called and woke me up an hour before my alarm, which was just enough time that I couldn't get back to sleep. ;_;)

All I can say is thank goodness I'm getting a new computer soon. (And I have a big post to make about that when it happens. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.)

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AIM names.

Mar. 8th, 2010 01:22 pm
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I've futzed around with having a bunch of AIM names for different things, because a few years ago that's what everyone I knew was doing and it was commonplace to have a bunch of different AIM names for hiding from certain groups of people, for using on your phone for mobile AIM, for using when you were at your parents', or whatever. I also had one for when I'm on my tablet -- vindumvalkyrja -- and so on.

But here's the thing: That's annoying. Not just for you, I imagine, but for me too. And my N800 is starting to have battery problems, so not using it anymore and am to replace it with a proper netbook or laptop, which means even that one is now defunct.

If you have any AIM names saved under my name -- luxliberum, vindumvalkyrja, whatever -- then go delete them. From now on, I will be using one when I'm at home -- thechellenator -- and one for when I'm at work -- chelleisatwork -- and that's it. (And the only reason why I have one specifically for at work is because I always forget to turn Trillian off when I leave in the morning and then Gchat spazzes out at me trying to be logged into the same AIM account from two different locations. So basically it only exists to work around my forgetfulness. Otherwise it would just be the one.)

So yah. Two useful AIM names. Delete everything else. Good grief.
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One of the awesome things about my recently kaput former cellphone (however old and clunky and featureless it might have been otherwise) was that it was made by Nokia, making it the same brand as my internet tablet, and they both even took the tiny Nokia 2.0mm plugs, so I only ever needed to carry one charger. It was grand! Part of why I was apprehensive about buying a new phone was that it was unlikely to be another Nokia model, in which case I'd find myself faced with a two-charger problem.

Thanks to my shiny new LG phone, I am indeed facing that problem now, and I'm trying to come up with solutions. The easiest one that comes to mind is to just get an adapter, right? Only I can't seem to find any adapters that go from Nokia 2.0mm to LG. I can find adapters that go from the older 3.5mm Nokia plugs to LG plugs, and I can find adapters that go from the old Nokia 3.5mm plugs to the new 2.0mm plugs, but nothing that goes directly from 2.0mm Nokia to LG. So at best I'm looking at ordering an old clunky 3.5mm Nokia charger off the intertubes and then buying two adapters for it -- one to go to the 2.0mm plug for my tablet, and one to go to the LG plug for my cellphone. Which, frankly, is almost as bad as having to carry two chargers.

Do any of you have any bright ideas? "Swap your LG phone back to Virgin for a Nokia phone" is not an option, since they stopped carrying any Nokia phones awhile ago. There is nothing to switch to. So. Something useful if you've got it.

A quickie.

Jul. 30th, 2009 09:50 pm
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So I'm home now after running errands for ten hours. Thank god.

Taking stock of the results of my day, I have:
• 1 new phone (LG Rumour2).
• 2 tins of new loose-leaf tea (Dragonheart white, Lady Grey black, both much higher quality than I'm used to.)
• Subway sandwich for very very late dinner.
• Fresh green grapes.
• A Watchminder2.
• $3000 in cash. It's less impressive once I tell you the qualifiers, so I'm not gonna.
• Notes to help me through my first interview for the Ontario Disability financial aid program, which I have spent the last year and a half jumping through the qualifying hoops for. It's tomorrow afternoon. Over the phone. And I have a phone phobia. I intend to rock it anyway, but it's going to take some doing.
• Really sore feet.
• Zero energy left for any kind of social interaction.
• This crazy urge to go back to the Virgin Mobile kiosk, grab the deliciously tattoo'd geekboy who sold me my phone and snog him until he can't see straight. He had two behind-the-ear tattoos. One of them almost matches mine. That's totally an open invitation, right? Right?

Thud. Night.
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Fabulous. My phone just bricked itself.


Mar. 24th, 2009 05:48 pm
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It's even the nice new one! They replaced the broken graphics card an hour ago AND NOW I HAVE IT BACK. And I can use my new 22" widescreen LCD monitor now too.


EDIT: Behold, the obscene gorgeousness that is my desktop resolution: 01, 02.
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I keep getting yellow lines all over the place. I think it's my graphics card, so I've updated the drivers like 2237537 times now from various sources (off the CD, letting Windows search off the net in the Update Driver option off the Display Adapters portion of the System/Hardware menu, AND grabbing them off the ATI website) but no dice. Still the freaking yellow lines.

They look like this. There are little brown dots sometimes too, as you can see in the background. If I grab a window and move it around, they get thicker and worse. If I minimize and then maximize again, they're gone, but if I grab the window and shake it around again, back they come. I can screencap them and they show up, obviously, which I believe means I'm correct on the fact that it's my graphics card instead of my monitor, but I updated my new monitor drivers anyway just in case. No difference.

I am absolutely at my fucking wits' end here.

(In case you care, my graphics card is an ASUS AEH 4670, which seems to be in the Radeon series. My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW.)
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(Right in front of my face, oh, and words just can't describe it! Finally, it-- Wait, no. Wrong song.)

Dear Livejournal,

That is not my Meg icon. This is my Meg icon. I know she's supposed to be 'deceptive' there, but that is not what I meant.

Cracking up,
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Are comment notifications broken or is this just me having the same problem now with Gmail too?
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Is anyone else having problems getting their comment notifications? I know that when they moved the servers the other day they said people might need to put the lj_notify e-mail address into a safe sender list now in order to keep receiving them, but I don't think that's the case here. Half the time my notifications don't arrive at all, but the other half they do, only they're 24 hours late. If it were a matter of Hotmail not letting them through, I wouldn't be getting them at all, you know? So I am v. confused and generally at a loss. :(

(FYI: These are going to my Hotmail account. Yes, I know I have a perfectly good Gmail account too, but I like to keep my constant stream of LJ comments separate from any real letter-style e-mails coming my way. Since Gmail still hasn't instituted a folders option to let me do that all on one account, I'm stuck keeping two different ones for the sake of clutter/my sanity.)


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