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I have bought a lot of shinies from [ profile] elisem over the years and, since she's still making lovely things, I don't expect to stop acquiring more anytime soon. Like a dragon, I now have a small hoard. As awesome as that is, the pieces that I love most have changed over time, and there are a lot of items that I just don't wear anymore. I think they deserve better than languishing in my jewellery box, so I'm sending them out into the world to seek new homes and new civilizations, to boldly go new adventures. Any money I make from these sales will help me afford the confluence of Christmas and vet bills. (My formerly-abused rescue dog says thank you for anxiety meds!)

Lots of earrings and pendants here! )
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...of my brother and I as kids. He's the one with the mullet and the Batman jammies. I'm the one who is painfully obvious. I don't know who that is between us. Still: D'aww! So ickle and ridiculous!

I find it kind of hilarious that you could look at this picture where I'm probably, what, seven years old, and look at me now and think, "Oh, sure, that makes complete sense. Short hair, guitar, bright colours, same colours. Giant dork. Got it!" And yet if this photo had been taken even a few years later, you would not be able to say that. Heh. (I discovered Anne Rice when I was nine and by ten I was trying to become a winsome sad goth with a mythology obsession, pagan leanings, and hair so long it could trail behind me on the floor. I got pretty close before my really angry teens hit and I edged sideways into punk.)
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Allow me to introduce Angus, who belongs to good friends:

He is SUPER EAGER about EVERYTHING. You are his BESTEST FRIEND EVER. So is your foot, and the chair, and the TV stand, and the lamp...

So far he's managed to render a stack of insurance papers (which I had already made photocopies of, thank goodness) into an impressive blast radius of hacked-and-chewed chunky confetti and has knocked everything off half my shelves. He also gave himself a bath in the watering can I keep in my bathtub (so that I can easily empty my air conditioner's water runoff tank into it) and got stuck until I came to extricate him. But he's happy and affectionate and cute, and I know he's just on curiosity/play overdrive thanks to suddenly being bereft of his two monkeys, dogmonster, Older Cat, and big house to run around in. Also he's young and hasn't settled yet. Poor guy is bored out of his skull with just me and my quiet little apartment, so he's getting into absolutely everything. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to be interested in demolishing my shelves a second time, since now he's explored them already.

I have to say, though, I have really missed cats that sleep on you. That made me so happy last night, I can't even tell you. Angus SNUGGLES.

The constant yowling, though, I am not so much a fan of. This dude is VOCAL. Like, REALLY vocal. All the time. About everything. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was a) female, and b) in heat, as opposed to being very male and very fixed. So far the only off button I've found involves getting him stoned on catnip, which is why you see a hastily-made blue catnip kicker in those photos. At least with one of those, he'll entertain himself for a few hours... ;)
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Pardon the semi nudity (at least it's safe for work!) but it wasn't until I was about to hop in the shower that I realized I should take an "after" photo, and I didn't want to put clothes back ON to take it, because my neck and back were COVERED in tiny hair clippings. Transfering them would have been terrible. Soooo you get some naked back. I'm sure you'll live.

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...because she's interesting to look at and pretty much one of the only live subjects I've got to photograph at the moment.

I've been trying to get back into the habit of taking photos of things, you see. Unfortunately my crappy little camera is, well, a crappy little camera, so the technical quality isn't very good. (The two shots that I was actually excited about came out SUPER grainy, in fact. Wah!) And since I'm dead rusty, neither is the artistic quality; all I can do is kinda fake it with good editing. But it's good practice, so I'mma stick with it. And probably continue to post things whenever they're not too bad.

Warning: These photos contain a snake and, eventually, a dead mouse. The former is doing exactly what you'd expect her to do with the latter.

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Jun. 6th, 2011 09:49 pm
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It seems like whenever things are really crappy in my life, something random and nice happens, even if it's just getting my shinies in the mail! :)

This is my latest purchase from Elise ([ profile] elisem), called "Carnival Dragons" (from the Dragon Candy set). Isn't it lovely? It's less in-your-face than some of the other necklaces I have of hers, which is really nice as far as variety goes, and it's casual enough that I can wear it basically anytime. (Not so much with, say, Vulture Goddess. That one needs Certain Outfits.) I love it because it's all my favourite colours in one place, so it suits me perfectly, and it even sneaks in bits of the colours I wish I could wear in such a way that they totally work. And it's just so full of joy! :3

Photos! )
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Eve had a bit of weirdness going on with the top of her head or something and I wasn't sure whether it was okay or not, so hey, photo. Easy diagnostic procedure! (Snakes are pretty much constantly moving, and like most creatures, they recoil if you shove your face right up in theirs. Also they tend to freak out if you grab them by the head to hold them still. So when you notice something weird on the top of your snake's head, your best bet is just to stick them in a container and take some photos and then go examine those. Because photos, by definition, don't move.)

Click me!

Verdict: A spot of rough shed, where the skin didn't come off entirely. Nothing terrible. If it doesn't come off properly again with her next shed, I'll just stick her in a bin full of wet rags and make her roll around in it for an hour. Then I'll very quickly scrub her head and make her hate me for a day. OH NOES.

Anyway. Fun fact! You know how when you try to take pictures of your cat or your dog, if you get too close, they will go OOOH CAMERA and shove their faces at it so that you can't focus?


Turns out snakes do it too.

I have, like, a dozen photos that look like this because she wouldn't stop trying to lick the lens. Dumbass. :)
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Ages ago, I promised you guys a post about setting up Eve's new tank, complete with photographic evidence of how much she's grown. Other things kept getting in the way, but now it's time! My friends Frances ([ profile] torrain) and John ([ profile] theweaselking) were over tonight to pick up some stuff (they brought me delicious pork roast the other night and left me with a storage drive full of tv shows!), and Frances wanted to meet Eve, so she got to do that and feed her besides. It reminded me that I never did make my big post, and since I'm hard up for shit to do these days, I figured now was a great time to get on it. Because it's been requested of me and I know some of you are considering getting snakes of your own, I'll try to include as much terrarium-relevant husbandry info as I can. Feel free to ask questions, too, if you want.

So here goes! Remember that all photos can be clicked on to view a larger version.

You remember when I first posted photos of Eve and she was tiny? Like, small enough that she could hide under my keyboard? I took this photo about a week after I got her, but never wound up posting it:

Well, she let's just say that she is not that small anymore. )
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Was taking photos of my Elise ([ profile] elisem) jewellery to turn them into icons*, and since a few shots actually turned out okay for photographs, instead of just icon fodder, I thought I'd share one:
"A Botanist in Faeryland"

Yeah, yeah, I know my desk is dirty. I had the option of wiping it down (or, hell, cleaning it up in Photoshop after) but decided I liked the photos better with it as-is. Still, aren't they lovely? I'm a sucker for really good lampwork beads. Five of my eight pairs of Elise earrings feature lampwork beads. Insert happy sighing here. It's also nice to know that I can still produce a half-decent photo, even on a cheap crappy point-and-shoot, after so many years away from the art.

(* I like having icons of the pieces I own for when I talk about her stuff or comment on her posts. I'd ganked one of her photos (with credit, obviously) of "Doll With a Ghost In It, II" to make this icon, and tried to do the same for "Vulture Goddess (Knows No Pity)", but none of them really worked well for icons and even the best result makes me unhappy. Solution: Take my own!)

EDIT: Achievement unlocked: ICONS!

Now I feel better. Even if I did just spend like an hour doing arty things instead of, say, tidying my apartment. I'm sick with some kind of Martian Slug Flu and have been all week! I'm allowed!
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• I'm going through my pile of old notebooks, tearing out used pages so I can reuse them without cringing, and am coming face to face with how unbearably pretentious and emo I was as a teenager. Oh my god. It's pretty hilarious. I mean, I know pretty much all teenagers are dipshits and I had maybe more reason to be depressed than most, but still. YIKES! :P

(It's also why I recently went back and privated all the entries in this journal prior to January 1st, 2006, by the way. Seven years of emo, safely removed from embarassing scrutiny! Thank God.)

• Today was Dermatologist Day. The verdict was that I probably don't have cancer again yet. There are two bits that they could do surgery on to remove and then biopsy if we want to be really paranoid, but since the Doc isn't particularly worried about them, it's my choice. I made the surgery appointment for practical reasons (the waiting lists are insane, and it's easier to make one but cancel it than it is to get a spot at the last minute) but I'm thinking let's not. If they grow or change by next check-up, then okay, but otherwise I'd prefer to avoid invasive surgeries.

• I spent part of my afternoon editing, resizing, and organizing all the photos I took of the new apartment -- one set before moving in, one set towards the end. I may wind up using a mix, and I'll wait until tomorrow to post them so that I can grab a few more tomorrow morning in the good light. It took going through them all to realize that I missed some important perspective shots; knowing what's on my sidetable is better when you know that it actually is my sidetable you're looking at and where in the room it is. ;)

GOP Rep: We Might Need A Taliban-Like "Insurgency". This is me golf-clapping.

• Thanks to Lyssa's "Cover Mania" mix, I've discovered Marilyn Manson's version of You Spin Me Right Round. It is my new favourite thing!

• Tomorrow is laundry day. Literally every piece of clothing I own and every household cloth is being hauled in massive Rubbermaid rough-totes to my parents', where it's all getting washed and folded and organized. It will be epic, to say the least. TWO WHOLE DAYS OF LAUNDRY. Craziness.

• I want houseplants. I grew up building and tending my own vegetable garden, and for years now I have been desperately missing the presence of green growing things in my space. There used to be a massage clinic in the lower part of this building, next to the hair dresser and porn store, but it recently closed and they left big plant urns behind in a corner of the parking lot. I'm thinking I should steal them and use them. I think we have enough light in here, and I can always buy a lamp if it doesn't seem to be enough. Suggestions for what to grow?


Feb. 14th, 2006 06:48 pm
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My first set of yarns arrived! OMG! They are so gorgeous and so SOFT. I wish you could feel these, guys, because it is just downright obscene how wonderful they are to the touch. I keep rubbing them on my face because of the squishy and the soft and the lovely, yay!

I took photos to share, but the colours turn out wonky under these lights, so I included the merchandise photos in links to show the true colours.

I think I have a yarn fetish. )

The cashmere blend is probably going to get used on a great masculine scarf for my father, since I know he has trouble with wool. The ivory merino blend is hopefully going to be a sweater once I get some more practice, provided I don't fail miserably in the attempt. I have an easy, simple pattern for a light, pretty boat-neck sweater that I'm hoping I can do before long. And finally, I'd like to mix the blue with at least one other yarn, maybe two, for a scarf and mittens set. If I can remember how to do mittens, that is. ;)

Also, the cheapo cotton yellow/green/blue scarf now has two hand lengths done. I fought with it a bit at the beginning in terms of tension, but now I've got it down and the thing is just truckin' away. My left index finger hurts, though, because I have this habit of guiding with my finger pad on the tip of the feeder needle. Maybe I should invest in a thimble. I supose I could also just learn how to knit with proper form, but the truth is that I like my way, it works for me, it goes fast, and buying a thimble (for knitting! I am such a freak) is easier. :D
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This was originally taken a few minutes ago because Owen couldn't visualize it, but I figured I'd share with you guys, too.

Bright and colourful scarf! )

I found some cheap cotton self-striping yarn at the grocery store tonight when my mom and I went to pick up the fixings for my dad's indian curry (which was absolutely delicious, by the way), so I got it. My nice yarn hasn't arrived yet, and I just needed something to do.

It's very pretty, but it is definitely cheap. Besides being very thin, it's 100% cotton, so it has absolutely no give whatsoever. Not the best thing I could have practiced with for my first time back at it, all things considered, but at least it's forced me to figure out my tension right fucking quick. When doing a row too tight means you literally can't knit off it the following row and it has to be undone, you figure it out pretty fast. :)

So far, it's looking decent. I'm going for a 30-stitch scarf (that's width, not length!) in just basic knit. No purl, no nothing. Just knit. But is pretty! You can see the way it stripes itself after the first row, where I was just casting on.
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Pardon the blurr, it's hard to get a good shot when you're dangling the camera over the back of your head. Turned out at a really weird angle, too, between the camera and my neck-tilting. Just trust me that it's not quite at that steep of an angle, and closer to my ear than it looks. Also, check out the raised redness and scabbing! Makes the letters look kinda funny. Also hurts like a bitch when touched, but at least it's now unnoticeable when left alone. Betcha in four days it'll be all better, too. The one thing my body has ever gotten the good side of things on is that I have great skin -- apart from the whole cancer thing, of course-- so my tattoos heal really fast. ;)

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