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Inspired by TK ([ profile] lokabrenna), I have for you a meme. What is your computer named? What about your peripherals, workgroups, etc?

My workgroup is Valhalla. My router is Bifrost. My wonderful shiny desktop computer is Freyja. My old clunky, churning laptop (the one that, against all odds, completely refuses to die, even after the adapter socket came loose inside the laptop itself so by all rights it shouldn't even be able to recharge anymore, and now it lives in my parents' basement in "my" room, which never even sees light most days) is Hel. My awesome mighty little internet tablet was Valkyrie, before it died. My external hard drive is Mimir. My mp3 player is Bragi.

If I do someday purchase a beautiful high-powered HP Envy laptop, it will be Freyr. I'm not sure what I'd name a netbook, if I got one of those instead, though it might be Valkyrie again. That would be appropriate. And soon I'll be switching to using my phone as my primary mp3 player, at which point I will have to name my phone. (Suggestions? I can't think of a Norse deity or lesser entity that involves both music and communication. Not off the top of my head, anyway.)

I... actually never named my mouse or keyboard or monitor or anything, and my USB keys are named by function -- School, Work, Personal, etc. Same with my hard-drives, which are Programs, Muzzak, Personal, and Design. Which is horribly laaaaaame and now I feel like they all need good names too.

YOUR TURN. Feel free to comment and/or repost.

AIM names.

Mar. 8th, 2010 01:22 pm
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I've futzed around with having a bunch of AIM names for different things, because a few years ago that's what everyone I knew was doing and it was commonplace to have a bunch of different AIM names for hiding from certain groups of people, for using on your phone for mobile AIM, for using when you were at your parents', or whatever. I also had one for when I'm on my tablet -- vindumvalkyrja -- and so on.

But here's the thing: That's annoying. Not just for you, I imagine, but for me too. And my N800 is starting to have battery problems, so not using it anymore and am to replace it with a proper netbook or laptop, which means even that one is now defunct.

If you have any AIM names saved under my name -- luxliberum, vindumvalkyrja, whatever -- then go delete them. From now on, I will be using one when I'm at home -- thechellenator -- and one for when I'm at work -- chelleisatwork -- and that's it. (And the only reason why I have one specifically for at work is because I always forget to turn Trillian off when I leave in the morning and then Gchat spazzes out at me trying to be logged into the same AIM account from two different locations. So basically it only exists to work around my forgetfulness. Otherwise it would just be the one.)

So yah. Two useful AIM names. Delete everything else. Good grief.
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One of the awesome things about my recently kaput former cellphone (however old and clunky and featureless it might have been otherwise) was that it was made by Nokia, making it the same brand as my internet tablet, and they both even took the tiny Nokia 2.0mm plugs, so I only ever needed to carry one charger. It was grand! Part of why I was apprehensive about buying a new phone was that it was unlikely to be another Nokia model, in which case I'd find myself faced with a two-charger problem.

Thanks to my shiny new LG phone, I am indeed facing that problem now, and I'm trying to come up with solutions. The easiest one that comes to mind is to just get an adapter, right? Only I can't seem to find any adapters that go from Nokia 2.0mm to LG. I can find adapters that go from the older 3.5mm Nokia plugs to LG plugs, and I can find adapters that go from the old Nokia 3.5mm plugs to the new 2.0mm plugs, but nothing that goes directly from 2.0mm Nokia to LG. So at best I'm looking at ordering an old clunky 3.5mm Nokia charger off the intertubes and then buying two adapters for it -- one to go to the 2.0mm plug for my tablet, and one to go to the LG plug for my cellphone. Which, frankly, is almost as bad as having to carry two chargers.

Do any of you have any bright ideas? "Swap your LG phone back to Virgin for a Nokia phone" is not an option, since they stopped carrying any Nokia phones awhile ago. There is nothing to switch to. So. Something useful if you've got it.
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There. Now I have an AIM name solely for use on the PDA.

In keeping with my Norse mythology theme -- the PDA is Valkyrie, my home PC is Freyja, my external HD is Mímir, etc -- and the fact that I'm using it from the shiny itself, the new AIM name is vindum valkyrja. If you can comment here with what it means*, you get a cookie. ;)

* At least approximately, anyway, because my familiarity with Old Norse is casual at best and I would not be surprised if I got the verb accord wrong.
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I am in need of a new AIM name for using on the PDA, but I hate coming up with them and am bad at it besides. So I am appealing to the better natures of my wonderful, creative, challenge-loving friends in the hopes that you guys will come up with something.



Oct. 19th, 2008 02:40 am
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Okay, really. The ability to go from being curled up in bed to standing in the kitchen making pasta to eating it on the kitchen-couch to being curled up back in bed again while still watching the same uninterrupted movie is just... Cool. It's like I'm LIVING IN THE FUTURE, guys!

Well, okay. A really lazy, media-saturated future wherein I would probably burn the apartment down or get run over by a car or wind up in some other horrible neglect-wrought accident if I tried to do this all the time, BUT STILL. The shiny, she is mind-boggling.


Oct. 11th, 2008 06:09 pm
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Teehee. Posting this from my new shiny on a short break from Thanksgiving cooking!


Oct. 9th, 2008 11:03 pm
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Right, so. Next up on The Strange and Exciting Life of Our Friend Michelle, I should mention that OMG YAY MY SHINY ARRIVED and indeed it is very shiny and lovely and functional and grand. And by 'grand', of course, I mean fabulous. Not 'large'. Because in fact it is shockingly small, which just makes it that much cooler.

I am now looking at flash drives and extra memory cards and female-USB-to-male-micro-USB cables. I also need to buy a better case for it somewhere. (The fact that I even have the money to make such purchases, not to mention that my next paycheque is going to be twice the size of this last one, is a significant additional mood-booster.) In the meantime, I get to adventure with updating the firmware (ACK ACK SCARY oh god HELP), installing AbiWord, and then transferring some music and movies to it to test everything out.

I kind of want to cuddle it in bed like a teddybear. That's how overjoyed with it I am. Pictures and reviews to come over the next few days. Now I'm off to curl up with my brother on the couch and giggle at WALL•E, which he has actually never seen before, the heathen. BYE. :D
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Ladies and gentlemen, boils and grills! Wait, that's not right. Oh well. GUESS WHAT. Today I bought myself a Nokia N800. Yeah, baby, that's right! It is my first ever Very Shiny Techno-Toy -- don't look so shocked! I'm poor! -- and I am over the moon about it. You can read about it here and here.

Technically it's obsolete, since it came out in February of last year and has since been replaced by the next generation model, the N810. But since it isn't any less useful than it's successor, all that means is that now you can get N800s for dirt cheap. No, seriously: I got mine for $200, on the nose. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. FOR AN INTERNET TABLET. (It is not a phone. It is more comparable to a PDA. It does wi-fi internet, IMs, e-mail, Skype, word processing, personal organizer, music, video, and has a built-in camera. And since it runs on Linux, there are many other open-source applications I can add onto the list. It's about as big as your wallet and most of that is touch-screen.) I could have gotten away with closer to $150 if those ones hadn't been bought up faster than I could get to 'em.

I have two bluetooth keyboards to try with it, courtesy of Ben's ([ profile] ben_zine) collection: the iGo Stowaway (foldable) and an Apple Wireless. It's kind of war between ugly and practical (iGo) or pretty and less practical (Apple), which is a very hard decision for me considering I'm both a die-hard pragmatist and really really into aesthetic design. But hey! That is the purpose of doing test runs before deciding which one to purchase. Next I will go buy an 8GB SD memory card to plug into the machine itself and several USB flash drives -- 4GB for school assignments, and a pair of either 16GBs or 32GBs (depending on price) to cart around movies and music. In different colours, of course, so I can tell them apart on my keychain. THEN THERE WILL BE NO PARTING ME FROM THE PRECIOUS.

Ahem. It should arrive sometime this week by UPS. Expect more squeeing and photos and things then!

EDIT: Am also now looking into options for extending the battery life, like the PowerMonkey from ThinkGeek. Though I'm not sure if that device in particular is compatible with the N800, it's got the right idea for what I want. The N800 can go for like ten days in standby, but only gets about 3-5 hours of active, continual use, so I want some way to extend that when traveling. Neither trains, planes, cars, nor buses tend to come equipped with plug-in wall sockets to recharge my shiny's battery.


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