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I have bought a lot of shinies from [ profile] elisem over the years and, since she's still making lovely things, I don't expect to stop acquiring more anytime soon. Like a dragon, I now have a small hoard. As awesome as that is, the pieces that I love most have changed over time, and there are a lot of items that I just don't wear anymore. I think they deserve better than languishing in my jewellery box, so I'm sending them out into the world to seek new homes and new civilizations, to boldly go new adventures. Any money I make from these sales will help me afford the confluence of Christmas and vet bills. (My formerly-abused rescue dog says thank you for anxiety meds!)

Lots of earrings and pendants here! )
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• I got food poisoning last week. It was brutal. I threw up so much I got hemorrhage around my eyes and cheeks and pulled several muscles. I'm still not all better but I'm getting there!

• I'm finding ways to get additional sessions, kids, and funding for the program I work in, which is good for the kids and good for my wallet. Making $360 a month from that job instead of $100 is good, especially since ODSP takes half. I will probably also pick up private tutoring work, because (so far, at least) I can't find anything else locally that meets my needs/restrictions. Also ODSP has started reimbursing me for the cost of some more of my medical supplies plus the cost of taxis to appointments, which is another $300 a month, roughly, so I should be okay. (The summers are always the hardest because I have no extra income.)

• I started a new treatment for my feet. It involves SCIENCE! Basically they blast my plantar fascia with short bursts of a sonic shockwave, and these repeated microtraumas both break up scar tissue and force my blood to heal the area. I tend to look at non-standard physio treatments that have had inconclusive clinical results with a very jaundiced eye, but at this point I'd tried everything else anybody could suggest (apart from cortisone injections, which have a 50-50 chance of either improving the problem or making it worse, so no thank you to that) so I figured, what the hell. My parents were willing to pay for it, since nobody would cover it, and actually it seems to be helping. I started the treatment on my worst foot only so that I could observe the results objectively by comparing the two, and after three treatments, my worse foot is now usually on par with my less-worse foot and sometimes better. If this continues, I'll add do another run of it but on both feet. I'm not convinced that this treatment will make anything all better, or how long the effect will last, but I figure that even a small improvement is worth it. If I choose to escalate further after the shockwave treatment, the next steps are blood doping (cool!) and surgery (less cool!).

• I am now sleeping with a dorsiflexion boot, a CPAP machine, a bite guard, and sometimes wrist braces. I feel like I'm slowly turning into Darth Vader with boobs.

• We're going on a family camping trip this weekend. I leave Thursday. It was originally supposed to be for my birthday, but it got co-opted by my mom, re-worked to suit her fancy, and then postponed because of her work schedule, so at this point I'm expecting it to be less of a birthday gift to me and more of a complete shitshow starring my crazy parents who hate each other. But I have books, good hiking boots, a solid sense of direction, and feet that are doing a bit better, so I am totally not above fucking off by myself during the day. We'll see how it goes.

• Unlike the complete birthday fail above, [ profile] timprov sent me a framed print of "Tulips and Snow Peas" because it is my favourite and he is wonderful. He picked this rich royal purple for the mat and it looks so, so gorgeous, seriously. I am going to take a picture and post it once I have a chance to get it up above my dining table where it unquestionably belongs. :D :D


Aug. 21st, 2012 11:09 am
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People have been asking what to get me for my birthday, which is on the 29th. As usual, I keep forgetting that my birthday is even coming up anytime soon, so now it's eight days away and I haven't given those people a list yet. Sorry! Better late than never?

For the people who specifically asked, here are suggestions. )

For most everybody else: What you can do for me for my birthday is to go take some time for yourself. Take a day off, or even just a few hours -- whatever you can manage. Do something nice for yourself. Recharge a little. Do something you enjoy, alone or with people you also enjoy. Carve out some time for a thing that will make you happy. And then come tell me about it. ♥
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Cutesy tone notwithstanding, 50 Ways to Help a Chronically Ill Friend is a really fantastic list. Some of it's stuff you'll have heard from me already, but it always bears repeating.


Jun. 2nd, 2012 12:07 pm
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• Yesterday my LJ had 43 views. Today it's had 473 and it's still only noon. I blame [ profile] elisem! Only three abusive comments on that post so far, though, all of which I deleted immediately. I knew some trolls might come out when people started passing it around but such a low number is really nice! Probably my dinky journal is just not worth people's time. Heh.

• Last night I ordered in a mountain of sushi because I was ragingly hungry and my finger mysteriously wouldn't stop clicking things. I am still eating from that mountain of sushi today. This is so awesome.

• One of my co-op students from last year learned some ASL from me while she was there and went on to take an ASL class at the local college this past semester. She knows I haven't been well enough to take a class myself (which is why I have limited myself to only learning vocabulary and am avoiding dealing with grammar so as not to learn bad habits) so she brought me her textbook from the level 1 class as a gift! It comes with an instructional DVD and everything! I've been working through it and am super ridiculously excited. I think her hope is that, if I can handle the level 1 textbook just fine and my health improves a bit, I'll be able to take the level 2 class with her this fall. I don't think that will happen but it warms my heart that she would want to take a class with me.

Nikko Hurtado does awesome tattoos. Also I have found a tattoo artist for my sleeves once the artwork is ready and I've put the money together. (These two things are related only by being about tattoos; I could never afford Nikko and anyway his style is all wrong for what I want.)

JC Penney responds to the One Million Moms boycott by producing a Happy Two-Dad Family ad.

The Dark Chocolate Batman. I heart geek kids. That made me think of my eldest niecelet, whose war cry when wading into roughhousing with her siblings is, "FOR HYRULE!"

• My school put in wifi. On the one hand, this solves the problem of my smartphone not getting any data signal in 3/4 of the building, and I'm a geek who likes tech upgrades, so it's kind of cool. On the other, my school is full of kids whose families can't afford food or weather-appropriate clothing, let alone school supplies, so even if the wifi network only cost a few hundred to set up, I am really angry at the complete lack of priorities that allowed that few hundred dollars to go towards wifi instead of, say, bolstering the breakfast and lunch programs. Really, really angry. The fact that I am not ranting about it is simply due to the fact that it's been two weeks since it got announced and I've had time to come to terms with knowing I can't do anything about it.

• Also, after ten years, we are getting a new principal. They're moving ours to an inner-city school and giving us the principal of a well-off suburban school. I don't know where our new principal was before that, so for all I know working in a nice Kanata school was a total trip for him too, but still. I am wary. And I will miss our current principal, who was so very tremendously excellent, not only within himself but specifically in what he did for our school.

• Last year, my job was three days a week. This year, it got cut down to two. Next year, it will get cut down to one. This is despite maintaining our participation numbers. Why is it always the kids who need the most help who suffer the greatest when budget cuts come around? I may have to quit in order to look for something else, which would mean the kids don't even get their one day a week homework/classwork support sessions. It's a really difficult decision for me, but I have until sometime in September to decide. I don't know what else I would do that would be as flexible, as rewarding, or as indulgent of the fact that I have tons of experience but no degrees. I guess I'll look at job-hunting when the time comes if it's needed.

• A cartoonist I adore, Spike Trotman, has created a book called "Poorcraft". It is about living well on less money, and it is really fantastic. It just came out and already she has reports that it's being included in "starting over" kits at some women's shelters. A physical copy is $10 and PDF copies are half that.

• One of my recent treatment thingos is working out very poorly for me and giving me daily pain. This sucks, obviously, and is making my life more difficult than it already is and certainly more difficult than it needs to be.

• My old air conditioner was a monstrous standing unit that took up a lot of floorspace and caused $200 electricity bills, but it did do one cool thing (oh so punny!), which was that it drained water into a tank that I could empty into my garden. Unfortunately the new tiny energy-efficient window A/C I bought and installed this past week does not; it uses some newfangled evaporator ring instead. I have tasked my engineer brother, whose day job is building complex water parks, to build me a hose that can clamp onto my kitchen faucet and be unspooled out to water my garden, because refilling my monstrous watering can in the bathtub and then hauling it out to the yard five or six times at a go is really annoying. I demand better tools!

• Related: my garden is full of growing things and it makes me really happy. The ivy I planted last year is actually grown enough now that I can drape it up the fence! In a few years, it should be a great privacy screen between me and the parking lot. Other things I will plant this year to see how well they compete: sweet peas, clematis, and morning glories. In a perfect world, all four would take and my fences would be gorgeous.

• I have been slowly acquiring the better part of a new wardrobe. (The clothing part, not the furniture part.) It's kind of cool to own stuff other than baggy jeans and t-shirts, to have stuff that actually fits me properly because it was made to my measurements. I've never really thought that would be a thing I could have, and it's done a lot of good for my self-image. Yay!

• I probably can't afford to go to Chicago this summer. Not unless someone else going to CapeCon can give me free crashspace. But I am definitely going to Farthing Party in Montreal and my brother is considering dropping in for a day or two, which would be AWESOME. Fingers crossed.
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I've been quiet on here, I know. I just don't have much to say. But even though it's gonna be boring, I guarantee you that, I'll try:

Cut for bullet points. )
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Figure out wtf I'm bringing to the NYE potluck. Go to the grocery store. Tidy the apartment some. Call dad for a ride around 1pm. Hit up Sears. Hit up the Virgin Mobile kiosk at Carlingwood, since I'll be right next door, to see if they have any Samsung Galaxy S phones in stock or if they're out too. Go to the post office to pick up my mystery package. Come home. Make arrangements with anybody to take me to Little Ray's before Monday, so I can get more mice for Eve. Continue reading Perdido Street Station. Take out the recycling. Grab a shower before bed.

PS: I finally borrowed the copy of Cherie Priest's Dreadnought, the third book in her Clockwork Century trilogy, that I got my brother for his birthday and have spent the last 48 hours in my armchair in the living room, devouring it whole. And oh, it was so so so good. More my style, even, than the first one, Boneshaker, which I also loved. I just loved this one even more. I didn't want it to end. Got to the last two chapters and suddenly realized there was only a tiny sliver of book left, maybe only twenty pages, and panicked. Want more! More, more, more! (Will see if I can find a copy of the middle book, Clementine, that doesn't require paying $60/copy from Won't be more of Mercy's story, damn it, but it'll at least be more related characters in the same world, written as brilliantly. If not, I can wait until it comes out in paperback, which will apparently be at some point in 2011.)
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I've always had bins for my meds -- one big shoebox for prescription pill bottles and vitamins, another big shoebox for over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Gravol, and decongestants -- but it was starting to get kind of chaotic in there even back when I was roommates with Kevin ([ profile] harald387), and after moving twice in six months, it was officially a mess. So I've been going through and organizing everything.

Ramble ramble ramble ramble. )

Now everything is nice and organized! Compared to the huge overflowing jumbo shoebox it was before, this is pretty impressive:

I feel much better for having done something productive with my day despite being sick. Next I have to go through my OTC meds. (Don't worry, I won't post about that.)
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• Have you tried holistic options?
• Maybe you're just stressed!
• WOW. If I were you, I don't know what I would do. I might just kill myself.
• Have they found whatever's causing the problem?
• If you'd just sleep normal hours and exercise more, you'd feel better.
• Be grateful you're alive. God has a reason for everything!
• Talking to you is depressing. Couldn't you try a more positive attitude?
• It can't be that bad. You just focus on it too much! Try volunteering. Sometimes, if you focus more on other people...
• Well, I just assumed you couldn't do it.
• Well, I just assumed you could do it.
• Have you tried [insert homeopathic remedy here]? I read about it in a magazine!
• But you're on all these medications. How are you still broken? Aren't they supposed to fix it?
• You're overmedicated. It's the pharmaceutical industry fucking with your head!
• But you always seem so articulate and with it when we talk. It can't be that bad.
• But you look fine.
• I don't know why you complain so much. There are people way worse off than you.
• Wow. It must suck to be you.
• I wish I could sit around watching movies and just relaxing all day like you do.
• But you have so much potential, and it's all going to waste...
• I bet you can do more than you think you can! You just need more confidence!
• You're just not used to [exercise/responsibilities/getting things accomplished]. If you do it more, you'll adjust!
• I've told you this three times over the last month. Why can't you remember?
• I think sometimes you maybe exaggerate a little.
• You're always [cancelling plans/ducking out of conversations/hiding in your room]. It's like you're avoiding me!
• You should talk to your doctor about that.

I'm sure I can come up with more before the end of the day.

EDIT: HA. HA. HA. One of the other staff members JUST came in and asked me how I was doing today. I smiled, blithely said I was managing, and how is he? And he said, "Managing? Why?" "Well, I have some chronic health problems, and it's a rough day. But it'll be fine. How are you?" "But you'll be okay in a few days, right?" "Sure. So what can I do for you?" "No, no. Positive attitude! It WILL be okay in a few days!" ".............Do you need something? I was just on my way out." I wasn't on my way out before, but I am now!
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Organize bookshelves.
• Remove top brace from storage shelf to make better use of top row, then organize tabletop gaming supplies.
• Wash mugs and glasses.
• Organize clothes into new storage drawers.
• Make more buttermilk banana bread. (No chocolate chips, by Kevin's request.)
Make more buttermilk berry muffins. (By popular request.)
Make some cheddar-herb-jalapeno scones*.
Catch up on yesterday's shows (Life, Lie to Me, CM).
Watch Marley & Me and Inkheart.
Talk to Rose about ~agentsof.
Make plans to see Watchmen.

* I want to figure out the proportions so I can make them again on Saturday for gaming.
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Get groceries. $10 under budget! BOOYEAH.
Waste time watching adorable kitten videos on YouTube. Omg.
Decide what I'm doing about HB!Jo.
• Watch Slumdog Millionaire.
EAT FOOD. Because I ate less than one meal yesterday and that was bad.
• Organize laundry.
Update whiteboard. Now it's full of stuff again!
• Tag BB.
Transfer e-books to the tablet.
Dive into "The Graveyard Book", now that I finally have a copy.
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I was asking Lis what kind of tea I should make next* and, after I'd listed a few options, she told me that my tea collection was impressive. For amusement's sake, I will list the contents of my tea shelf here:

Twinings Lady Grey (black)
Twinings Black Vanilla (black)
Twinings Lemon Ginger (tisane)
Hedley Ceylon (green)
random unidentified Ceylon blend (black)
Tetley White with Blueberry & Pomegranate blend (white)
Tetley Summer Berry (tisane)
Tetley Blackberry (tisane)
Tetley Orange Pekoe (black)
Tetley Peppermint (tisane)
Irresistibles Apple Mango (tisane)
Traditional Medicinals Peppermint (tisane)
Traditional Medicinals Stinging Nettle (tisane)
Marketspice Cherry Almond (black)
Marketspice Rooibos (tisane)
Mighty Leaf African Nectar Rooibos (tisane)
Mighty Leaf Mountain Spring Jasmine (green)
Mighty Leaf White Orchard (white)
Higgins & Burke Apple Cinnamon (tisane)
Whittard Chocolate Chai (decaf faux spice blend)
Apple Cider mix
cheap-ass jumbo tub of generic Hot Chocolate mix
Nestlé White Hot Chocolate mix

Some of them are just tea bags thrown haphazardly together in Ziploc baggies because I got tired of mostly-empty boxes taking up so much damn room, so now I have to identify them by smell and memory. (Sometimes I don't manage to and then I get a funny little surprise. Not that I mind.) Others are loose tea in their own packages, while a few are loose tea that I dumped in separate baggies and scribbled the names onto in Sharpie. You'd think I'd be more anal about my tea, considering I'm so OCD about a lot of other things, but no.

Also: There used to be more but I didn't care for them, so I passed a bunch off onto my mom. I don't like perfectly good tea going to waste. At this point I'm looking to acquire more varieties of tisanes and greens and whites. I wish Adagio Teas offered samplers where you could pick from across multiple categories, because I'm really quite interested in about one or two blends from each group... but only one or two blends from each group. I know myself and I know how much tea I already have lying in wait in the cupboard; six more kinds of any single variety of tea means a lot of it just isn't going to get used, period, and that's a waste of money I don't have. Woe!

(* Not that I expect anyone will care, but in the end I just got lazy and poured more hot water in with the leftover loose leaf from my last cup of Lady Grey. It's very, very tasty. It kind of winds up too strong when I leave it all in the mug, mind you, but my strainer broke awhile back and I just never got around to buying a new one. I should fix that.)


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