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So, uh. I'm a radio DJ now. I completely forgot to mention that here when it happened. WOOPS!

I was approached about it a few weeks ago, and had my audition show on the 21st of last month. The audition show was CRAZY -- they threw every horrible listener experience they've ever had at me, all at once, to see how I rolled with it -- but I passed with flying colours and we made it official right after. I have since been catching up (whenever my health permits; it's been a bad run lately) on all the shiny new responsibilities I have with the station. It's an internet radio station, of course, because there's no way my health could permit me to go work at one in-person right now, but I've been helping out there for a year now as a volunteer on the Street Team and I'm thrilled to be part of the actual staff now!

I've told a few people individually so far and, in nearly all cases, the conversation has pretty much gone like this:

"I'm a DJ at an internet radio station now! I'm so excited!"
"Are you a real DJ?"
"So you use turntables and everything?"
"No. That's turntabling. That is a recent niche subset of DJing."
"Oh. I thought that's what DJ meant."
"DJ just means 'disk jockey'. It just refers to anyone who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. Any person you hear on the radio is a DJ. So yes, I am a 'real' DJ, just like every other DJ since the dawn of entertainment radio has also been a real DJ, including before turntabling was a thing."

So now you know! I am a DJ; I do not turntable. Not that there is anything wrong with turntabling, but it is a bit frustrating to have that conversation over and over and feel like my pride and excitement in this new venture is somehow being devalued. So now you know! And we do not have to have that conversation. Awkwardness avoided!

I am really excited, you guys. As many of you know, I am a pretty big music geek and I love to put together playlists and mixes, so this is right up my alley. I intend to play a lot of stuff that the station doesn't see much of, like pop, dance music, 80s, folk, blues, and the occasional stint of world music and ambient. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN. :D

And speaking of which: My debut show is tonight. Well, technically it's actually the wee hours of tomorrow morning, because it runs from midnight to 3am, but who's counting? Because it's such a late-night timeslot, I'm going to be debuting with pop, dance, and techno. If that sounds like your thing, you should definitely tune in by visiting The Cape Radio's website. The link to tap into the broadcast stream is right up there at the top, under "GET CONNECTED". Just select your music player of choice and enjoy!

And I'm sorry if this announcement sounds bleh and cranky. I am super tired and in need of a nap so I can be all happy and high-energy tonight. Hope to see you there!

PS: I've also made a twitter account for my DJ persona, where I will talk about DJ stuff, link to new music I find that I feel is worth sharing, and announce upcoming shows. For the moment, I'm just a fill-in DJ (by my preference), so those announcements are the best way to find out when I'm going to be on. :)

PPS: The station itself is called The Cape Radio, because it's staffed (and primarily listened to) by players of the City of Heroes MMORPG, but we have a lot of listeners from outside the game as well. I just figured I should explain that so you're not really confused by all the fake ads for in-game companies and bumpers full of jokes about the game. ;)

PPPS: Yes, I totally wound up named after my snake. It honestly just worked out that way, I SWEAR.
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Today was the first gaming session in at least the last six months -- probably longer, but I can't place it exactly -- where I haven't hit a full-stop wall of exhaustion halfway through.

Typically, for me, after I reach that point, I spend the rest of the game staring at my power cards, letting everyone else advise me on what to do, rolling my dice, letting everyone else add the numbers up for me because they can do so at a glance and I can't anymore, letting them also remind me of all the fiddly situational modifiers I forgot, and then letting them apply the numbers for those too. I stop having fun and am just trying to make it to the end of the session so everyone else can get in the full game they want (and deserve). Once the wall hits me, I'm basically just there to fill a seat; I become an NPC, run by the group, who will conveniently roll her own dice.

But today, that didn't happen. I was heading for the wall pretty rapidly by the end of the session, but that was fine, because we were already done, and I'd been coherent and capable the whole way through. And it felt really, really nice to just be able to play again.

I'd missed that.
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Normally I have no plans at all for New Year's Eve, but this year I have four invitations for places to go -- to [ profile] papersky&[ profile] rysmiel's in Montreal, to [ profile] soire's open house potlock, to my dad's swanky soiree thing, or to play Munchkin with the gamers and laugh at them while they probably all get drunk. I had originally planned on going to Montreal, but with all the health crap of the last two weeks, it's probably a bad plan to travel and stay with people and potentially impose on them if I wind up having a run of dead days, and I didn't want to leave them hanging on an answer any longer, so I had to decline. It makes me really sad. But I do have three local places to go still, if I'm feeling up for it, and knowing that gives me warmfuzzies.

Other things that make me happy: I CAN COOK AGAIN. It seems safe for me to be around the stove again sometimes now, because I'm not randomly passing out anymore. Yay! And I don't have to live entirely off sandwiches, microwaved soup, and frozen TV dinners anymore, either, like I have been these past two weeks! HOORAY. Last night I steamed four artichokes for dinner (with garlic and lemon and bay leaves in the water, which makes them taste extra delicious) and today for lunch I had my favourite sautéed asparagus with salami and parmesan cheese. I'm hoping maybe this weekend I'll feel up to baking, because I want to make pumpkin bread and orange-cranberry loaf and peppermint bark and ginger snaps. I mean, it's winter, damn it! Certain things are supposed to happen, and me baking is one of them!
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While discussing a fetish in which a man's penis eats him:

"So the trouble with having done phone sex for a living is that when someone brings something like that up, I keep trying to figure out the logistics so I could DESCRIBE it."
"You could wind up with some sort of fucked up ouroboros thing."
"That's my point! Where would it start? Leg? Face? Would you wind up with a fucked up ouroboros but with kicky legs?"
"I'll go Ask Jeeves!"
"Oh god, you're not not seriously going to--"
"Okay, top three results for this topic were: 'Steve, Don't Eat It', TVTropes, and 'How I Quit Cooking: Women In The Kitchen'."
"TVTropes. Of course."

This is a typical ending to one of our standard mid-game Epic Digressions™. You can see why we're still together after ten years. Or at least why I keep attending -- these people are like me.

In other news, I should probably set my LJ to "Contains Adult Content" one of these days.
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Ugh. Today was weekend tabletop gaming and I suddenly got a migraine halfway through. It wasn't too bad on pain, mostly aura*, so I tried to play through it. I managed to do so for awhile, but eventually had to give up and go crawl into the dark of Andrew and Emily's guest room, where I took some drugs and passed out for the last two hours of the session. Other people generously offered to run my character for me so that they could still play on and have the cleric there to heal them, which was really gladdening because I didn't want my broken body crap to screw up their day.

But still: Not the way I'd planned to spend my Sunday, let me tell you. And now I have to go to my parents' again, because I have doctors' appopointments tomorrow that are really awkward to get to by bus that early in the morning. I am grateful for their help and the ride and all, but my tolerance for other people is just about shot, I think.

Ugh, ugh, ugh. I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

* I tend to get both types of migraine headaches -- with aura and without. When they're without, it's usually blinding, obliterating pain like my head is being split open, and the photophobia and hyperacusis are totally secondary. With aura, though, the pain isn't usually too bad. Instead I get coloured lights, visual distortions, major photophobia and hyperacusis, a feeling like a cross between sharp stabbing pain and an electric shock that randomly bursts on different parts of my face, sharp prickles that are like pins and needles only bigger (more spaced out and actually painful), sometimes shocks and shivers down my arm and back, etc. The physical sensations are only ever on one side of me, left or right, which fits with the idea that migraines are supposed to be unilteral, but none of the other symptoms ever are.

EDIT: Rose ([ profile] unintendedmuse) chatted with me quietly until I perked up, and now I am in a much better mood. Time for sleeps.
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Today I bent living shadows to my will, stuffed said shadows into the gaping innards of my friends so they would get back up and walk again, assaulted my enemies in unpleasant ways with giant tentacles, and felled a rampaging clockwork behemoth, all while looking stylish and being witty. (Also I saved about twenty innocent civilians, but that's really just a footnote.)

All in a day's work! :D


Apr. 18th, 2009 06:55 pm
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Wheeee, I've been awake for almost 24 hours! And now that gaming is done, it's time to sleep. :D

Today, I:

Jul. 12th, 2008 08:14 pm
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• Was surprised with french toast and bacon for breakfast, left secretly in my room for me to find when I came out of the shower.

• Was crammed into one tiny car with too many other crazy gamer people. More than once. There were shenanigans, as usual, and I got goofily groped several times, also as usual. The appropriate hilarity and beatdowns ensued. I love my friends.

• Tried out D&D 4th Edition and played a Rogue. I have never played a Rogue before (surprising, seeing as I've been tabletop gaming for a good ten years now) but, as it turns out, I'm actually really looking forward to playing this exiled, backstabbing elfgirl with a knife fetish. Go figure.

• Was bad and had Wendy's. But I was stranded in Kanata with nothing else anywhere nearby, so what else was I to do? It took a decent drive just to find that restaurant, let alone anyplace else. But still, I feel bad for the fast food in me now. It wasn't even very tasty. :(

• Resolved to do another round of the hardcore liquid dieting. It works really well if you take long breaks between stints and maintain the weight loss in-between, which is what I've been doing. I'm looking forward to dropping another 20 pounds next month, assuming it works as well as it did last time. SCREW YOU, CRAZY HORMONE TREATMENTS. I will yet vanquish the weight gain you left behind!

• Got snuggled, though admittedly not as much as usual. We were at Jeremy ([ profile] cosmiccat) and Danielle's ([ profile] tanela) new house for the first time, and their couch configuration is just not as conducive as Andrew and Emily's ([ profile] jerril).

• Wore Samhain. It's not a summer perfume at all, really, seeing as on me it's a whole lot of mulled apple cider and spiced pumpkin, but it's my snuggly comfort scent and I felt like having it around. It fades from wrists and neck after a few hours, typically, but put some between the boobs and that will last all day. Even now, walking home from the bus stop, I just kept getting these wafts of spiced apple and it was so, so delicious. I should really buy a scent locket one of these days, when I actually have some money to spare for frivolities.

• Discovered that I really need to go buy new clothes for my birthday. I want to change things up, and that means new stuff in the wardrobe.

• Decided that I will probably stick with red instead of going back to the mulberry/pink when it comes to my hair. I would really LOVE to go wild again, but highlights or other complicated dye bits are too much for me to do by myself and I don't have anyone else currently willing/able to do it for me. On the other hand, straight-up red out of the box is a real cinch, so I think it probably wins just out of sheer convenience.

• Decided that I am finally -- for sure! -- going to change my username and settled on what it will be. This damn thing is almost nine years old and I am so sick of being named after a character from a bad fantasy novel that I read at age 13 (and promptly never cared about again after the following year, oy).

All in all, I had a really, really good time today and came home feeling very happy. I think I'll vegetate in front of the A/C for awhile and then throw together some cookies or something. Kevin's making steak stir-fry for dinner, since those stir-fry specific veggies I picked up really need to get used, and I would like a tasty dessert afterwards.

EDIT: ARGH. God dammit, I'm having nerve issues again all of a sudden. The ulnar nerves of both hards are freaking out -- insanely intense pins and needles -- and the left median nerve is doing it too. I haven't been at a computer ALL DAY, and I have no idea why they're acting up.
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  • 09:43 - Putting together a Magic: The Gathering deck (haven't done this in YEARS, good lord) so I can go kick Ari's butt again today. >:) #
  • 17:51 - Home. Tired. It's too hot outside to be doing anything except vegetating in front of the A/C. #
  • 18:10 - GDHGSAJSFDAH WHERE IS THE FEBREZE AIR STUFF??? Some horrible smell came in through the A/C while I was out and it is awful. AUGH. #
  • 19:04 - I very desperately want to go live in my fridge. #
  • 20:49 - I feel weird. Light-headed. That's never a good sign. I SWEAR I'VE KEPT HYDRATED TODAY. #
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