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I meant to start doing these every month but then I, uh, forgot. WOOPS. Also I am still looking for something simple and handy to do this for me so that I no longer have to do it by hand.

Here you go. )
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So on a happier note: I popped into the PizzaPizza by my apartment on my way back from the post office and now I have hot greasy disgusting delicious $2 pizza.

Also I saw the promotional materials they have up for "ParaNorman". Normally I don't even give promo stuff a second glance, but some of these actually made me laugh. They did it best with the chili: The plastic cup features Norman's face but cuts off right above his eyebrows, so that he is missing the top of his head. Which they then fill with chili to make CHILI BRAINS. I pictured little kids with red-smeared faces and enthusiastic spoon-waving, enjoying their meal of Norman's brains.

It's just a small thing but it made my day.


Aug. 21st, 2012 11:09 am
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People have been asking what to get me for my birthday, which is on the 29th. As usual, I keep forgetting that my birthday is even coming up anytime soon, so now it's eight days away and I haven't given those people a list yet. Sorry! Better late than never?

For the people who specifically asked, here are suggestions. )

For most everybody else: What you can do for me for my birthday is to go take some time for yourself. Take a day off, or even just a few hours -- whatever you can manage. Do something nice for yourself. Recharge a little. Do something you enjoy, alone or with people you also enjoy. Carve out some time for a thing that will make you happy. And then come tell me about it. ♥
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Huh! I'm beginning to think I have a much more sensitive palate than most people I know.

I guess I'm used to comparing myself to folks like [ profile] mrissa, who can say, "I've been tasting it from here for the last five minutes," about a piece of cheese that she has not actually put in her mouth, and mean it completely earnestly without any sarcasm. But perhaps only really comparing myself to superscenters/-tasters was not the best plan for accurate perspective. (Ya THINK?)

I've been having a lot of deliberate food adventures over the last four years, and more and more I seem to run into situations where somebody else says, "Oh, eh, I don't taste the almonds, only the chocolate," or "All I taste is the spices, not the meat," and I am shocked by it. How can you not taste the rest? IT'S RIGHT THERE.

So huh. Huh! Food for thought.


Jun. 24th, 2012 03:58 pm
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Today for Father's Day (dad was camping last weekend, so we postponed by a week) I bought my dad four pounds of ground kangaroo butt and we turned part of it into burgers. My Australian friends were TOTALLY RIGHT! Kangaroo is DELICIOUS even when dulled by too much beef. (Kangaroo is so lean that I felt we needed to mix it with beef or pork just to keep the burgers moist, but I think next time we will not let my mother dictate the ratio*. I'd originally planned 2:1 in favour of the kangaroo and it seems I was on the right track, so we'll go with that next time instead of the 1:1 we wound up doing for lunch today.)

We got the kangaroo from Bearbrook Farm about an hour outside the city. They sell elk, deer, bison, llama, duck, turkey, goose, peacock, lamb, regular pork, wild boar, ostrich, emu, kangaroo, alligator, salmon, and frogs' legs, most of which they raise on their farm and some of which they acquire from elsewhere and resell. They bring their wares to farmers' markets all across the Ottawa valley. Mostly they keep prepared stuff like sausages or pre-made burgers or kebabs at the booths because those are easier to transport and sell, but I just emailed them to say what I wanted and let them know which market I'd be at on which day, and they gave me the price and had it ready and waiting for me when I got to the booth. (They were also really excited to see me. Apparently being really enthused about their product offerings produces mutual feeling!)

I hope to eat my way through their entire farm eventually, and am pleased to be able to cross kangaroo off my "Eat One of Everything That Won't Kill Me and Maybe Even A Few Things That Might" list.

Next up: Fried alligator at Fat Tuesday's downtown, just to see if it's too fishy for me. My understanding is that the taste of alligator varies widely depending on how it was raised/farmed, because it will taste largely like whatever its primary diet was. It seems to go between the fish and chicken ends of the spectrum and is very fatty. But a good friend had the alligator at Fat Tuesday's and recommended it, and I trust his judgment, so try it we shall. Am bringing my brother and father in tow, I think!

I also want to buy emu sausages as soon as I get my next paycheque and fry them up for the weekend gamers. I am so poor right now that I had only a dollar-fifty to spare in my bank account after the kangaroo and Interac fee, so I could do naught but stare forlornly at the emu sausages in their cooler as I waited for the debit machine to do its thing. Next time, emu! Next time. I'll get you yet.

Oh and my brother wants llama steaks for his birthday in October, because I took him to Mochica twice and now he feels the same way about llama as I do.

Basically the point of this post is to let you know that food is awesome and that everybody's gifts for the next year are going to be made of meat. You're welcome! :D

* For the record, my mother's issue is not so much about game meat in particular, but rather that she thinks anything that isn't bone-dry overcooked chicken or pork has too much flavour. I have never quite managed to let go of my childhood theory that she's actually an alien whose true food source is paper products, which is why she hoards them. She only pretends to eat human food in a largely unsuccessful attempt to keep up appearances. This theory probably makes me a bad person but it also explains basically everything!


Jun. 2nd, 2012 12:07 pm
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• Yesterday my LJ had 43 views. Today it's had 473 and it's still only noon. I blame [ profile] elisem! Only three abusive comments on that post so far, though, all of which I deleted immediately. I knew some trolls might come out when people started passing it around but such a low number is really nice! Probably my dinky journal is just not worth people's time. Heh.

• Last night I ordered in a mountain of sushi because I was ragingly hungry and my finger mysteriously wouldn't stop clicking things. I am still eating from that mountain of sushi today. This is so awesome.

• One of my co-op students from last year learned some ASL from me while she was there and went on to take an ASL class at the local college this past semester. She knows I haven't been well enough to take a class myself (which is why I have limited myself to only learning vocabulary and am avoiding dealing with grammar so as not to learn bad habits) so she brought me her textbook from the level 1 class as a gift! It comes with an instructional DVD and everything! I've been working through it and am super ridiculously excited. I think her hope is that, if I can handle the level 1 textbook just fine and my health improves a bit, I'll be able to take the level 2 class with her this fall. I don't think that will happen but it warms my heart that she would want to take a class with me.

Nikko Hurtado does awesome tattoos. Also I have found a tattoo artist for my sleeves once the artwork is ready and I've put the money together. (These two things are related only by being about tattoos; I could never afford Nikko and anyway his style is all wrong for what I want.)

JC Penney responds to the One Million Moms boycott by producing a Happy Two-Dad Family ad.

The Dark Chocolate Batman. I heart geek kids. That made me think of my eldest niecelet, whose war cry when wading into roughhousing with her siblings is, "FOR HYRULE!"

• My school put in wifi. On the one hand, this solves the problem of my smartphone not getting any data signal in 3/4 of the building, and I'm a geek who likes tech upgrades, so it's kind of cool. On the other, my school is full of kids whose families can't afford food or weather-appropriate clothing, let alone school supplies, so even if the wifi network only cost a few hundred to set up, I am really angry at the complete lack of priorities that allowed that few hundred dollars to go towards wifi instead of, say, bolstering the breakfast and lunch programs. Really, really angry. The fact that I am not ranting about it is simply due to the fact that it's been two weeks since it got announced and I've had time to come to terms with knowing I can't do anything about it.

• Also, after ten years, we are getting a new principal. They're moving ours to an inner-city school and giving us the principal of a well-off suburban school. I don't know where our new principal was before that, so for all I know working in a nice Kanata school was a total trip for him too, but still. I am wary. And I will miss our current principal, who was so very tremendously excellent, not only within himself but specifically in what he did for our school.

• Last year, my job was three days a week. This year, it got cut down to two. Next year, it will get cut down to one. This is despite maintaining our participation numbers. Why is it always the kids who need the most help who suffer the greatest when budget cuts come around? I may have to quit in order to look for something else, which would mean the kids don't even get their one day a week homework/classwork support sessions. It's a really difficult decision for me, but I have until sometime in September to decide. I don't know what else I would do that would be as flexible, as rewarding, or as indulgent of the fact that I have tons of experience but no degrees. I guess I'll look at job-hunting when the time comes if it's needed.

• A cartoonist I adore, Spike Trotman, has created a book called "Poorcraft". It is about living well on less money, and it is really fantastic. It just came out and already she has reports that it's being included in "starting over" kits at some women's shelters. A physical copy is $10 and PDF copies are half that.

• One of my recent treatment thingos is working out very poorly for me and giving me daily pain. This sucks, obviously, and is making my life more difficult than it already is and certainly more difficult than it needs to be.

• My old air conditioner was a monstrous standing unit that took up a lot of floorspace and caused $200 electricity bills, but it did do one cool thing (oh so punny!), which was that it drained water into a tank that I could empty into my garden. Unfortunately the new tiny energy-efficient window A/C I bought and installed this past week does not; it uses some newfangled evaporator ring instead. I have tasked my engineer brother, whose day job is building complex water parks, to build me a hose that can clamp onto my kitchen faucet and be unspooled out to water my garden, because refilling my monstrous watering can in the bathtub and then hauling it out to the yard five or six times at a go is really annoying. I demand better tools!

• Related: my garden is full of growing things and it makes me really happy. The ivy I planted last year is actually grown enough now that I can drape it up the fence! In a few years, it should be a great privacy screen between me and the parking lot. Other things I will plant this year to see how well they compete: sweet peas, clematis, and morning glories. In a perfect world, all four would take and my fences would be gorgeous.

• I have been slowly acquiring the better part of a new wardrobe. (The clothing part, not the furniture part.) It's kind of cool to own stuff other than baggy jeans and t-shirts, to have stuff that actually fits me properly because it was made to my measurements. I've never really thought that would be a thing I could have, and it's done a lot of good for my self-image. Yay!

• I probably can't afford to go to Chicago this summer. Not unless someone else going to CapeCon can give me free crashspace. But I am definitely going to Farthing Party in Montreal and my brother is considering dropping in for a day or two, which would be AWESOME. Fingers crossed.
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Well. That was a thing. It's done now and I'm not dead and that's about all I can say to recommend it.

From now on I should really trust my own instincts on what pain drugs to take before procedures instead of going with what the doctors recommend, because god damn it was not enough. Though I shouldn't ever have cause to Plan Better Next Time ever again, at least not for this particular procedure, because this is the last time I am ever doing this. If it fails, I am done. I am just done. That is what I kept saying the whole way to the hospital and home again, and to anyone who would listen. I am done.

This bit gets a little crass and graphic. )

Though actually, to be fair, the bedside manner at the women's clinic at the Riverside is quite wonderful, generally speaking. It is exactly what you would want at any other time.

My good things for today are:

1) There was a local beekeeper selling his honey in the lobby of the hospital, so I got to talk about honey and beekeeping with him while I waited for my ride to come. He was a lovely old man who has been running his bee farm for most of his adult life and he seemed really delighted to talk about it with someone who knew a little bit and was curious to know more. He had my two favourite honeys (clover and cinnamon-infused), so I bought a jar of each off him, along with some flavoured honey sticks that reminded me of Farthing Party in Montreal and walking through the MJT with Tim.

2) When I got home, I found a parcel waiting for me from my friend Harry. Inside were some really lovely red long-stemmed paper roses made from recycled processed elephant dung, because my friends are awesome and they know what will tickle me. Even though laughing hurts right now, I needed a laugh, and I got it, and it was worth it. The timing was pure wonderful kismet. Bless.

Going to take some more drugs and try to nap.
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My crazier, more heavy-duty EEG is scheduled for 9am this morning, and they wanted me sleep deprived for it, so I was told I wasn't allowed to sleep after 5:30pm yesterday. I don't think they know that I routinely do 4am or 5am bedtimes, and have been doing so all week, which would put me at only 4-5 hours past my usual bedtime. Oh well. If it's a problem, they'll tell me.

To stay awake, I've gone grocery shopping, cooked, and cleaned. In an hour, I'll go hop in the shower and make myself presentable. My ride gets here at "a little after 8", because she wanted to be sure we'd have time, even though I don't think traffic will be an hour's worth of crazy. But oh well. Better safe than sorry!

I figured that, since I was awake anyway at 5:30am, I'd go eat out in my garden. "Breakfast" was a bowl of local cherries with slices of fresh baguette from the bakery at my local grocery. I mixed up a small amount of really good-quality olive oil with some lovely Italian balsamic vinegar (the last of my good stuff, in fact) for dipping the bread in, and just had lemon water to drink so I'd stay super hydrated.

It was delicious. Cherries + balsamic vinegar + fresh baguette (super soft on the inside, crusty on the outside!) = love.

Photos of breakfast. )

(Cross-posted to my Google Plus account while I'm trying out that service.)
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Apparently theobromine, which is found in cocoa, is more effective than codeine as a cough suppressant. I don't find this terribly surprising, because it's not hard to be more effective than codeine (seeing as codeine is basically useless but it's one of the best things we've got anyhow), but I am nevertheless gigglingly gleeful that high-cocoa chocolate is better for you when you're sick with a cough than anything OTC.

(And not to beat a dead horse, but seriously. To quote Tim Minchin's wonderful beat poem on the topic: "You know what they call 'alternative medicine' that's been proved to work? Medicine." And shit like this is that process in action. Science is awesome. ♥)
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I've been quiet on here, I know. I just don't have much to say. But even though it's gonna be boring, I guarantee you that, I'll try:

Cut for bullet points. )


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