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Elise ([ profile] elisem) is having another sale, this time for her birthday!

(Anybody else in love with "The Oldest Spell I Know" and wishing they could wear those colours? "When Ma'at Was Young", too.)
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So [ profile] elisem is having a sale again! Huzzah!

Stuff I am eyeing:

"Simple, Not Easy"
"The Dye-Worker's Magic"
"Intricate Music" !!!!
"The Long Way Home"
"The Moment of Twilight"
"Sea-Maiden, Sea-Monster" !!!!
your hatred, like a sleeping beast

(Note: This is NOT my way of saying to steer clear of the above items! It's just me linking to things I like!)

I feel as though "Simple, Not Easy" is an idea that resonates very strongly with me, whereas the rest are all about the look of the thing. Especially "Sea-Maiden, Sea-Monster". I mean, come on! That blue is my blue! And I was obsessed with paua shell as a teenager, you have no idea. So that necklace calls to me and makes me laugh.

But I don't know if I can squeeze a necklace-worth out of my budget for this upcoming month, even at sale price. Luckily I get paid in the wee hours of tonight/tomorrow, so I can do all the math then and see where I'm at. (I am especially trying not to think about the combined price tag of all my Elise necklaces, because oh lordy it's a lot, and if I do then I'll get The Stupid Money Guilt. And there is no reason to have The Stupid Money Guilt about anything so fine as those necklaces, so we shan't.)

I have no particular connection to "your hatred, like a sleeping beast", but I feel that the pendant would look good on a long, long chain, so that it hangs almost at my belly, in one of my Onor tops, for the rare times when I want to go a little goth. That pendant says, "Bitch, I will stab you." ;)

I also love a whole bunch of the labradorite pendants -- like "The Water-Smith", oh! -- but I already bought "Metamorphosis Afternoon" last go-round, and I think one is enough. If I get multiples, I'll just wind up not wearing the extras. I am trying to be very firm about this, and I still think the one I got was the best one for me. But they're all so pretty...

Oh! And on the topic of shinies that are FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL but not right for me:

"Friend to the Phoenix"
"Miss Teresa Talks To The Citrus Fairies"
"Table of Correspondences"
"Modern Enchantments"
"The Inventor Takes a Mate"

I mean, really. Really. I feel like I should be wolf-whistling at them.

If you want to check out the sale, it's right here!


Jun. 24th, 2012 03:58 pm
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Today for Father's Day (dad was camping last weekend, so we postponed by a week) I bought my dad four pounds of ground kangaroo butt and we turned part of it into burgers. My Australian friends were TOTALLY RIGHT! Kangaroo is DELICIOUS even when dulled by too much beef. (Kangaroo is so lean that I felt we needed to mix it with beef or pork just to keep the burgers moist, but I think next time we will not let my mother dictate the ratio*. I'd originally planned 2:1 in favour of the kangaroo and it seems I was on the right track, so we'll go with that next time instead of the 1:1 we wound up doing for lunch today.)

We got the kangaroo from Bearbrook Farm about an hour outside the city. They sell elk, deer, bison, llama, duck, turkey, goose, peacock, lamb, regular pork, wild boar, ostrich, emu, kangaroo, alligator, salmon, and frogs' legs, most of which they raise on their farm and some of which they acquire from elsewhere and resell. They bring their wares to farmers' markets all across the Ottawa valley. Mostly they keep prepared stuff like sausages or pre-made burgers or kebabs at the booths because those are easier to transport and sell, but I just emailed them to say what I wanted and let them know which market I'd be at on which day, and they gave me the price and had it ready and waiting for me when I got to the booth. (They were also really excited to see me. Apparently being really enthused about their product offerings produces mutual feeling!)

I hope to eat my way through their entire farm eventually, and am pleased to be able to cross kangaroo off my "Eat One of Everything That Won't Kill Me and Maybe Even A Few Things That Might" list.

Next up: Fried alligator at Fat Tuesday's downtown, just to see if it's too fishy for me. My understanding is that the taste of alligator varies widely depending on how it was raised/farmed, because it will taste largely like whatever its primary diet was. It seems to go between the fish and chicken ends of the spectrum and is very fatty. But a good friend had the alligator at Fat Tuesday's and recommended it, and I trust his judgment, so try it we shall. Am bringing my brother and father in tow, I think!

I also want to buy emu sausages as soon as I get my next paycheque and fry them up for the weekend gamers. I am so poor right now that I had only a dollar-fifty to spare in my bank account after the kangaroo and Interac fee, so I could do naught but stare forlornly at the emu sausages in their cooler as I waited for the debit machine to do its thing. Next time, emu! Next time. I'll get you yet.

Oh and my brother wants llama steaks for his birthday in October, because I took him to Mochica twice and now he feels the same way about llama as I do.

Basically the point of this post is to let you know that food is awesome and that everybody's gifts for the next year are going to be made of meat. You're welcome! :D

* For the record, my mother's issue is not so much about game meat in particular, but rather that she thinks anything that isn't bone-dry overcooked chicken or pork has too much flavour. I have never quite managed to let go of my childhood theory that she's actually an alien whose true food source is paper products, which is why she hoards them. She only pretends to eat human food in a largely unsuccessful attempt to keep up appearances. This theory probably makes me a bad person but it also explains basically everything!


May. 10th, 2012 05:48 pm
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I just had to send in a complaint to Kobo Books about their ebook version of Marissa Meyer's Cinder*, which I bought on a lark after seeing a physical copy in-store, only to discover that the e-book version being sold by Kobo is written entirely in allcaps. Yes, really. It's incredibly hard to read, and the original book wasn't written that way. This means that somewhere along the process chain, not only did somebody think this was a good idea but then someone else actually approved it. BAFFLING. So now I want my money back.

But to balance that out: A great big box of shinies arrived in my mailbox today!

I've actually read [ profile] pameladean's Tam Lin and Octavia Butler's Lilith's Brood trilogy before, but the former was a library copy and the latter was a seriously messed up epub-format e-book from a friend. (I finally figured out that whatever idiot put the e-book together had arranged it so that you read the first chapter of all three books consecutively, then after that the second chapter of all three, and then the third chapter of all three, and so on. It was REALLY confusing. And yet the story was still good enough to make me an Octavia Butler fan despite the way it had been presented and despite it being my first exposure to her, which should tell you something if you're not already familiar with her work.)

I'm so excited to read the others! Even if these omnibus editions are heavy enough that I could easily beat somebody to death with a single one...

(* No relation to Stephenie, as far as I can tell, and thank goodness for that.)
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Eeee! I have my first grey hairs! They're at the back of my head, where I can't see them myself, and the first person to point them out to me was kind of drunk, so I wasn't sure how credible it was, but it was corroborated today! I have grey hairs! Plural!

I know some people freak out about going grey and try to hide it, but personally I think it's really cool. It's hard for me to articulate why it makes me so excited, but it does. It doesn't feel like losing youth; it feels like accumulating life. Maybe because I spent the first half of my life feeling like I wouldn't make it to adulthood? I'm not sure. It just makes me really happy. I was also ridiculously excited for my first wrinkle; doubly so when it turned out to be a laugh line. And now I have grey hairs! Hooray!

Next thing in this category that I'm excited for: Turning 30! Only a few more years to go.
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I saw myself -- overweight but not obese, very buxom, flowy shirt, comfortable pants, long chunky necklace, super short buzzcut hair, big earrings, glasses, a smirk, a crazy hippie bisexual feminist with health problems, book in hand -- and I had to laugh. Because I know that woman. I've known so very many of them. As a young teenager, I would meet these women, these awesome mothers and aunts of my friends, or my very favourite teachers, and they all looked just like that. Just like that. They were articulate, well-read, independent, critical-thinking women with wicked senses of humour, who raised smart kids and gave books to everybody and talked about politics in ways that went completely over my head. I always thought they were so cool and worldly, and I admired them a lot.

I just never expected I'd be turning into one.

See you when you're 35, self.
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I just finished reading Laura Goode's "Sister Mischief", and I have come to post about it so that I can tell you it is the best YA novel I've read in years.

It's about girls, words, nerds, poetry, hip-hop, being gay, being straight, religion, race, gender politics, family politics, self-expression, and all the combined awesomeness, cringing awkwardness, and pain that is being a teenager. It contains swearing, sex, vandalism, and some light drug use, yes, but those are things that teenagers have in their lives, and it comes with a lot of really awesome messages alongside in a way that assumes young people have the capacity to make good choices when given enough room and information to do so. (It also assumes that they will sometimes fuck up, just hopefully not in ways that cause big problems for themselves in the future. It is a book with Good Parenting.)

Also it takes places in Minnesota, which makes me smile for other reasons.

It was an awesome read and I heart it and now I am going to bed. Goodnight!
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Well. That was a thing. It's done now and I'm not dead and that's about all I can say to recommend it.

From now on I should really trust my own instincts on what pain drugs to take before procedures instead of going with what the doctors recommend, because god damn it was not enough. Though I shouldn't ever have cause to Plan Better Next Time ever again, at least not for this particular procedure, because this is the last time I am ever doing this. If it fails, I am done. I am just done. That is what I kept saying the whole way to the hospital and home again, and to anyone who would listen. I am done.

This bit gets a little crass and graphic. )

Though actually, to be fair, the bedside manner at the women's clinic at the Riverside is quite wonderful, generally speaking. It is exactly what you would want at any other time.

My good things for today are:

1) There was a local beekeeper selling his honey in the lobby of the hospital, so I got to talk about honey and beekeeping with him while I waited for my ride to come. He was a lovely old man who has been running his bee farm for most of his adult life and he seemed really delighted to talk about it with someone who knew a little bit and was curious to know more. He had my two favourite honeys (clover and cinnamon-infused), so I bought a jar of each off him, along with some flavoured honey sticks that reminded me of Farthing Party in Montreal and walking through the MJT with Tim.

2) When I got home, I found a parcel waiting for me from my friend Harry. Inside were some really lovely red long-stemmed paper roses made from recycled processed elephant dung, because my friends are awesome and they know what will tickle me. Even though laughing hurts right now, I needed a laugh, and I got it, and it was worth it. The timing was pure wonderful kismet. Bless.

Going to take some more drugs and try to nap.
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The Lioness has made some new shinies and put a bunch of new and old things up for sale! I am so thrilled for her that she has felt up to doing this. Also, I have only just woken up, so bear with me if I sound groggy.


"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: When They Chained the Leaves" is so me, and I went !!! at it, but it has sold already, alas.

I'm thinking I will get "Dainty Dinosaurs", though. I don't have any shinies from [ profile] elisem that involve a natural stone look at all, and I love the white and pink there.

Others that are gorgeous but that are not me:

"Dreaming Zygote" is absolutely stunning.
"The Faithful Emperor" and "The Sultan's Poetry Garden" have gorgeous cloisonne beads, holy.
"The Nixie Said Yes"! Look at that blue! Actually now I kind of do want to wear them. Dangit. I don't know how well the cream would go up next to my face, but I have shirts in that blue...
"Miss Teresa Talks To The Citrus Fairies"! Something about these beads makes me want to roll around in them naked. I don't even know. They just do.
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So, uh. I'm a radio DJ now. I completely forgot to mention that here when it happened. WOOPS!

I was approached about it a few weeks ago, and had my audition show on the 21st of last month. The audition show was CRAZY -- they threw every horrible listener experience they've ever had at me, all at once, to see how I rolled with it -- but I passed with flying colours and we made it official right after. I have since been catching up (whenever my health permits; it's been a bad run lately) on all the shiny new responsibilities I have with the station. It's an internet radio station, of course, because there's no way my health could permit me to go work at one in-person right now, but I've been helping out there for a year now as a volunteer on the Street Team and I'm thrilled to be part of the actual staff now!

I've told a few people individually so far and, in nearly all cases, the conversation has pretty much gone like this:

"I'm a DJ at an internet radio station now! I'm so excited!"
"Are you a real DJ?"
"So you use turntables and everything?"
"No. That's turntabling. That is a recent niche subset of DJing."
"Oh. I thought that's what DJ meant."
"DJ just means 'disk jockey'. It just refers to anyone who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. Any person you hear on the radio is a DJ. So yes, I am a 'real' DJ, just like every other DJ since the dawn of entertainment radio has also been a real DJ, including before turntabling was a thing."

So now you know! I am a DJ; I do not turntable. Not that there is anything wrong with turntabling, but it is a bit frustrating to have that conversation over and over and feel like my pride and excitement in this new venture is somehow being devalued. So now you know! And we do not have to have that conversation. Awkwardness avoided!

I am really excited, you guys. As many of you know, I am a pretty big music geek and I love to put together playlists and mixes, so this is right up my alley. I intend to play a lot of stuff that the station doesn't see much of, like pop, dance music, 80s, folk, blues, and the occasional stint of world music and ambient. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN. :D

And speaking of which: My debut show is tonight. Well, technically it's actually the wee hours of tomorrow morning, because it runs from midnight to 3am, but who's counting? Because it's such a late-night timeslot, I'm going to be debuting with pop, dance, and techno. If that sounds like your thing, you should definitely tune in by visiting The Cape Radio's website. The link to tap into the broadcast stream is right up there at the top, under "GET CONNECTED". Just select your music player of choice and enjoy!

And I'm sorry if this announcement sounds bleh and cranky. I am super tired and in need of a nap so I can be all happy and high-energy tonight. Hope to see you there!

PS: I've also made a twitter account for my DJ persona, where I will talk about DJ stuff, link to new music I find that I feel is worth sharing, and announce upcoming shows. For the moment, I'm just a fill-in DJ (by my preference), so those announcements are the best way to find out when I'm going to be on. :)

PPS: The station itself is called The Cape Radio, because it's staffed (and primarily listened to) by players of the City of Heroes MMORPG, but we have a lot of listeners from outside the game as well. I just figured I should explain that so you're not really confused by all the fake ads for in-game companies and bumpers full of jokes about the game. ;)

PPPS: Yes, I totally wound up named after my snake. It honestly just worked out that way, I SWEAR.
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Pardon the semi nudity (at least it's safe for work!) but it wasn't until I was about to hop in the shower that I realized I should take an "after" photo, and I didn't want to put clothes back ON to take it, because my neck and back were COVERED in tiny hair clippings. Transfering them would have been terrible. Soooo you get some naked back. I'm sure you'll live.



Jun. 6th, 2011 09:49 pm
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It seems like whenever things are really crappy in my life, something random and nice happens, even if it's just getting my shinies in the mail! :)

This is my latest purchase from Elise ([ profile] elisem), called "Carnival Dragons" (from the Dragon Candy set). Isn't it lovely? It's less in-your-face than some of the other necklaces I have of hers, which is really nice as far as variety goes, and it's casual enough that I can wear it basically anytime. (Not so much with, say, Vulture Goddess. That one needs Certain Outfits.) I love it because it's all my favourite colours in one place, so it suits me perfectly, and it even sneaks in bits of the colours I wish I could wear in such a way that they totally work. And it's just so full of joy! :3

Photos! )
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Oh my god, you guys. I know that lately my LJ has been nothing but snakes, vibrators, and medical rants, and this post is totally not helping to break that streak, but I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF.

I went to Little Ray's Reptile Zoo to buy some more mice for Eve, because I got paid today and she needs noms.

(Token plug: Ray's is the largest, and one of the only, rescue operations in all of Ontario. All of their animals are rescues, apart from the handful of snakes that they breed every year to try to combat the number of people buying from shady breeders. They have recently expanded to include birds of prey, just because there was a need for it, and they already had some exotic mammals like marmosets and a lion cub. They take in pretty much everything that needs it, and I completely respect them. They are hands-down some of the coolest people ever. I buy everything I can from them, because they need the support, have awesome prices, and their feeder stock is guaranteed to be good-quality because that's what they feed the zoo from! ♥)

Not only have they re-arranged their store section to include a bunch of awesome display cages to try to get people's attention, but they have a bunch of black milk snakes (endangered in Ontario!) in them right now and ohhhh, so pretty.

But they had -- deep breath, try not to squeal -- BABY BALL PYTHONS. And you guys. Oh my god. You guys. They are so adorable I could barely contain myself. They were so tiny! And their little faces were so cute! You just don't even know. The guy running the store today took one look at my goggle-eyed expression and was like, "Yeah, gimme a sec, I'll pull out one of the ones we haven't fed yet. HERE ya go!" And plopped this little guy in my hand. And he was so lovely! Totally different from a corn snake, and not just in the obvious body type sense. He was soooo docile and social and mellow. Even the most mellow corn snakes like to keep moving, but these ball pythons were so totally chill. The one I carried around for half an hour making absurd cooing noises at (much to the employee's amusement) was just like, "S'up. I'mma wrap myself around your fingers and hang out on you all day, okay?" No skittishness about being handled whatsoever, despite being only a baby (when most snakes, even the mellow ones, are skittish), and SO PRETTY, OH MY GOD.

I've been wanting to get a ball python for like a year now, and this completely sold me. I want one NOW. Fuck not being able to afford it! Fuck not having any room for a second tank! BALL PYTHON. STAT. (Not really; I'm not irresponsible. But ahhhhhhhhhhhh!)

Sorry for the terrible phone picture, but it's all I had on me, and eeeeee:

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Josh Ritter will be at Bluesfest! Opposite A Perfect Circle on July 10th, which is a little sad for me, because I would have liked to go to both, but whatever, Josh wins. Josh absolutely wins.


The VIP tickets are already sold out (Wah! I would have actually bought that for this!), but the regular single-day tickets start selling later today. :D :D
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Elise ([ profile] elisem) has just posted the first set of stuff she's made since her stroke, and though she and I are not close, I have to say that I am incredibly thankful that she came through it okay, and that she did not lose the ability to do this thing that she loves.

This batch was particularly wonderful, but the pieces that really caught my eye were:

"Dragon Candy: Carnival Dragons"
"Lightning Song"
"There" <--- not for me, but it really does look like sumi-e, doesn't it?

I was going to have a talk with my credit card about the first two but "Lightning Song" has already sold. (No surprise there! Just LOOK at it!) I'm a little sad about that, but Elise says there will be more coming with those stones in 'em, which means I can get something else and also wait until later when my budget isn't so tight. Besides, whoever bought it must have loved it even more than me, because they jumped on it right away while I was still over here dithering back and forth and agonizing about credit card debt. So they totally win. ;)
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So you remember how I was going to buy a new computer and finance it through my dad? And how that didn't work out? Well, I had decided to ask John ([ profile] theweaselking) if I could finance it through The Bank of Weasels instead, which was a really hard decision for me to make. I don't like borrowing money from anybody, and I especially don't like borrowing it from my parents, as you know. But I like borrowing it from my friends even less than that, because if something goes wrong with my finances for awhile (which has happened more than once already through no fault of my own, because I live off a bureaucratic system and sometimes paperwork gets fucked up and it can take months to sort out), I will feel worse than dirt, worse than dogshit, for leaving my friend in the lurch for awhile on repayment. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever really borrowed money from friends before. If I did, it was, like, the cost of a fast food lunch, and then I bought them lunch in return the next week. Stuff like that. It's never been anything big, or anything anybody gave two shits about. I hate the idea of really borrowing money. But I needed a new computer, so I went to go ask, and then John was a kind enough soul that he beat me to it and cheerfully volunteered while I was still fumbling around trying to find words.

And then a thing happened. I should have made this post sooner, but I'm finding it hard to talk about this. Every time I start, I get all choked up and I just start making these useless motions with my hands and I can't type properly. But I can't not say this! You need to know what happened and I have to say thank you.

What happened is that Kevin ([ profile] harald387) and John ([ profile] theweaselking) decided to take up a collection. They went around e-mailing and dropping LJ comments to a whole big cross-section of my friends. I caught on, and then they told me straight-up what they were doing and that people were donating already, and I started to cry.

And I keep crying, every time I try to deal with this. I cried in the car on the way to go pick it up, as John rattled off the list of names of people who had responded to the e-mails, and I am crying again, writing this post.

But guys, I have to tell you this. You need to know. When John and Kevin told me this was happening, I was expecting people to throw in maybe $5 or $10 each, you know, and I was already beside myself with the generosity of that. Nobody had to do anything, and I loved all of you for even wanting to do something anyway. I felt like that was unbelievably nice of you.

But that is not what happened. That is so not even close to what you did.

As of today, with the last "promised" contribution, I think you just paid for my entire computer. There isn't even anything left for me to repay him monthly like we planned. I have to wait for John to confirm this with his bookkeeping, but my math says that's where it's at right now. And I know even more of you wanted to contribute, and would have if the timing was better. I don't even know how to process that emotionally except with overwhelming gratitude and disbelief.

You guys just fucking bought me a computer.

Thank you. I don't know what the hell else I can even say. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the most insane, wonderful people I know. Thank you. I don't know how to repay you for this. I know that's not the point, but I feel like I have to do something. I've hugged the people who are local, who I can actually reach with my own two arms, but some of you live across a whole ocean from me, and I can't hug you. But oh, I wish I could.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. A hundred thousand thank yous. Thank you.

(PS: The new computer is amazing. We picked it up last Friday, and I spent last weekend setting it up. I can't even tell you how fantastic it is. I'll be talking to somebody on Skype and suddenly start giggling, and when they ask me why, I tell them it's because I never used to be able to run other programs while I was downloading. Or that my sound used to go dead while I was burning episodes to DVD, which used to take an average of two hours for just a few episodes. Or that I'm playing City of Heroes and suddenly the whole game doesn't grind to a halt as soon as I enter a crowded area. And that everything looks so pretty. And I have space for all my data. And there is no terrible grinding fan noise to keep me up at night. And on and on and on. THANK YOU.)
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Jo Walton ([ profile] papersky)'s new book, "Among Others", is out! And having already read it, I can assure you it is oh so very, very good. There are fairies and evil relatives and a boarding school. There is magic both big and small. The protagonist is a disabled girl who loves science fiction and fantasy. It is forthright and painful and hopeful and fabulous, and I cannot even begin to tell you all the ways in which it spoke to me, but if you know me and you read it, you will see why right away.

If you want, you can read a considerable chunk of the beginning of the book at! When you get to the bottom of the excerpt on that page, click "Next" and just keep going until the words run out. And then if you don't want the words to have run out (which I suspect you won't), you can go buy a copy either in hardcover or for Kindle, and hopefully soon in paperback. (I say that because I know some of you have trouble with heavy hardcover books and e-books, and I recognize that, and I am hoping that paperback versions will be out in time for birthdays and things later this year, so that I can buy copies for you. You know who you are.)


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