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Matt: "So I know I already borrowed all your USB storage devices, but I'm leaving for a 15-hour train ride right after work. Do you have anything left that you could fill up with TV and movies for me? So I could quickly pick it up from you on my way out?"

Because I AM AWESOME, I told him to email transfer me $50 right away while he's at work and I went out and bought him a 64 GB USB stick. Which is kind of ridiculous, I know -- he'd be better off with a portable hard drive. But he had a 500 GB one already that he misplaced six months ago and doesn't want to buy another one because he thinks he can still find it, even though it's not at my parents' and none of his friends can find it at their homes.

*throws hands up*

At any rate, now he has a humongous USB stick that is his and his alone. We have agreed that he will return all of mine to me after this trip (I'll have to badger him, but that's okay, it's a normal state of affairs) and from now on he will use HIS stick when getting stuff from me. He will keep it on his keychain until such time as it dies on him or he decides to get something better himself.

And yes, I will fill it full of goodies for him for his trip.

You know, there are people who have met us who think he is the older sibling. Really. Really. I give those people the kind of look that can melt faces. As the older sibling, you see, I am capable of that look.
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...of my brother and I as kids. He's the one with the mullet and the Batman jammies. I'm the one who is painfully obvious. I don't know who that is between us. Still: D'aww! So ickle and ridiculous!

I find it kind of hilarious that you could look at this picture where I'm probably, what, seven years old, and look at me now and think, "Oh, sure, that makes complete sense. Short hair, guitar, bright colours, same colours. Giant dork. Got it!" And yet if this photo had been taken even a few years later, you would not be able to say that. Heh. (I discovered Anne Rice when I was nine and by ten I was trying to become a winsome sad goth with a mythology obsession, pagan leanings, and hair so long it could trail behind me on the floor. I got pretty close before my really angry teens hit and I edged sideways into punk.)
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My brother also had a really bad day, so he came over, took me to get my parcels, picked up dinner for both of us, and is gonna play Zelda with me until we get bored, fall asleep, or decide we're still awake enough to go see the midnight opening of The Avengers movie.

EDIT: After three hours of Zelda, his friends texted him to invite him out. I told him I didn't mind if he left to go get drunk with his buddies because a) it was true, b) I was feeling significantly less depressed by then, and c) I was starting to get a wicked headache. So he's off to do that now and may well return later if I'm not asleep by then. He is still an awesome brother. ♥
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(WARNING: Image-heavy. Also, I apologize for the shitty formatting, but I am exhausted and about to pass out on the keyboard, so I'm doing this real fast. I'll make it prettier in the morning.)

Tonight my brother and his girlfriend came over and we made Skittle vodka. It was awesome. We used this tutorial, and here is how it went...

So many fun colours! )
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#1: I'm at my parents' for dinner tonight. Matt and I spent a good hour hanging out alone in the living room, where I sat on the couch and he sat on the floor using my knees and legs as a backrest/headrest. He demanded headscritches ("Harder! Use your nails!") and we talked about relationships and why they're scary. He says he worries when things go too well. I talked to him about the way we grew up, and about how to look at things differently. And then he gave me a hug.

#2: After dinner, I said was suddenly feeling really tired and crashing, so we'd have to go see a movie together another time. He found me in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, and he started to say, "Hey, would you mind if -- Wait, nevermind."
Me: "Hmmm?"
Matt: "I was going to ask if you minded if I went out and did other stuff with my friends, since you're too tired and want to crash."
Me: "Yeah, go for it!"
Matt: "I know. That's why I stopped. I know some people who would have been really disappointed anyway that I went out without them, so I started to ask, and then I remembered, 'Oh wait, this is Michelle. Too practical. She won't mind!'"

#3: As he's getting ready to go out, he wanders out of his bedroom half-dressed and asks, "Hey, do you have any more Death Adder?"
Me: "Huh?"
Matt: "BPAL. Do you have any more of Death Adder?"
Me: "Uhhh. I don't think so? I only got imps of the ones I gave you to try. Why? Do you really like it?"
Matt: "Well. It's okay. I mean, Mr Jacquel is my favourite."
Me: "Yeah, you wear that one all the time."
Matt, grinning: "Yeah!"
Me: "So why do you want more Death Adder if it's 'just okay'?"
Matt, askance: "Well. Uh. [His girlfriend] really likes it. Really.... really likes it."
I start cracking up.
Matt: "...She says it makes her want to eat me."
Me: "I SEE."
Matt: "YEAH. So can you get me some more of that?"


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