Oct. 17th, 2013

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Oct. 17th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Wed, 14:43: RT @wispywinds: Looking for a CDN parent to talk to whose child, aged 9-12, has had an experience with peer pressure, +ive or -ive. For a m…
  • Wed, 14:50: RT @LadyBits: Our response to the @Slate article telling women to stop getting drunk to avoid rape (http://t.co/nNgjHnildn) http://t.co/OAK
  • Wed, 14:50: RT @ejacqui: @GlennF Or rather, men as wild, uncontrollable animals who have no capacity for judgment or mental control of any kind.
  • Wed, 14:52: RT @ejacqui: @GlennF It should be an insult for men and their mental abilities to be portrayed that way. It should fucking piss people off.
  • Wed, 14:56: RT @ejacqui: @GlennF AND (I'm not done, haha), we actually isolate and put down animals who attack humans, despite their total lack of reas…
  • Wed, 14:56: RT @ejacqui: @GlennF Yet we don't care about (actually defend & champion) humans who attack other people, despite their absolute ability to…
  • Wed, 15:03: RT @gailcarriger: Over on Reddit I have started my AMA (Ask Me Anything). Who will be the first? http://t.co/Dphr1athI4
  • Wed, 15:18: Colleague complimented my hair today. I'm confused. Are we taking about the same awkward, scraggly, half-grown-out mess, here? Thanks?
  • Wed, 16:57: Just realized I went to work this morning with only one armpit shaved. I'm bad at this. #morningadventures #notfemme
  • Wed, 22:51: RT @DCPlod: Jesus fucking Christ. RT @Salon: Cleveland cops who shot 137 bullets at unarmed black couple, killing them, keep jobs http://t.…
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