Oct. 8th, 2013

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Oct. 8th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Mon, 15:32: RT @mistressmatisse: Advice to would-be advocates: Just start talking. Don't wait for the perfect moment or the perfect thought. Just stand…
  • Mon, 15:32: RT @mistressmatisse: You have to keep listening & learning. too. But don't wait until you Know Everything to start doing anything. No one e…
  • Mon, 18:20: Dear spiders: I know it's the season of fleeing indoors, but there is no food for you here. You will just starve, poor things.
  • Mon, 18:39: RT @anildash: Conspiracy theories are just fan fiction that's motivated by fear instead of love.
  • Mon, 21:28: RT @DarkVirtue1974: Ohhh @chellenator ... http://t.co/ZRmUC3CtPq
  • Mon, 23:33: RT @MargaretAtwood: Scientists have zeroed in on what's killing off the bees -- and it's in homes across the US. http://t.co/FQLFswFbx5 via…
  • Mon, 23:37: RT @KameronHurley: Reading criticism of Scandal makes me long for day when Fitz is no longer on show. 1st season creepy, but ok tell yr sto…
  • Mon, 23:40: Sometimes it feels like I have my emotional shit together way more than most people I know. And that's scary, b/c I have mood disorders.
  • Mon, 23:45: I take pills to keep me from crying hysterically all day long and I'm STILL more stable, conscientious, etc, than average? WHAT THE HELL.
  • Tue, 05:40: There's a Major Foodborne Illness Outbreak in the US and Their Government's Shut Down - Wired Science http://t.co/XikSTzjVef


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