Aug. 23rd, 2013

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Aug. 23rd, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Thu, 13:19: I really, really hate when people describe hairless genitals as "cleaner". Groom how you like, but hair isn't dirty or bad. FFS.
  • Thu, 13:20: If I said that I shave my head because I like being clean, would you look at me funny? Yes? Then stop talking about crotches that way.
  • Thu, 13:24: Sorry, I'm just reading yet another public journalistic debate about women's genitals and that wording comes up all the time and ARGH.
  • Thu, 13:26: (And the level of public scrutiny about what I have going on in my underwear is not lost on me either, I assure you.)
  • Thu, 14:25: RT @ThatsEarth: Baby elephant playing soccer.
  • Thu, 15:36: I love that @cracked is assuring people that eye floaters are not unusually industrious sperm that got really lost.
  • Thu, 18:27: Everyone around me is dealing with mega levels of stress right now, and I am trying not to borrow any, but argh.
  • Thu, 18:29: Considering my own financial stress and job stress right now, I kind of just want to hide in bed and pull the covers over my head.
  • Thu, 18:31: Or maybe just start handing out candy necklaces of Valium. There's no way that could go wrong, right?
  • Thu, 18:32: I mean, apparently my mother already helped herself to the stash of Ativan I keep at their place, so it's not really a stretch. #facedesk
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