Jun. 20th, 2013

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Jun. 20th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Wed, 12:58: Things that suck: Showing up at work with your lunch in hand and having a kid ask if you have anything extra because he has no food.
  • Wed, 13:04: Sometimes kids just forget their lunches, but this is one of the troubled boys I do gardening stuff with in the afternoons. I know better.
  • Wed, 13:36: Listening to one of my ESL boys try to chat up the girl he has a crush on. Oh my god it's so obvious and awkward and adorable. Squee!
  • Wed, 13:45: More kids freaking out about my clothing, hair, shoes. Because no teacher could possibly dress in current fashions or do fun things. Heh.
  • Wed, 14:01: RT @michaeldthomas: Please RT! The phenomenal @shadesong is having a BPAL sale in order to raise funds for her legal costs. http://t.co/v0
  • Wed, 14:03: RT @jimchines: Because @shadesong is awesome, and there are significant legal fees involved in trying to bring a rapist to justice. http://…
  • Wed, 14:06: Kids are sad that this is the last HC of the year. "But you'll be back next year, right?" No, kiddo, sorry. Your principal is a dick.
  • Wed, 14:29: I probably shouldn't be ogling our cute young custodian but she's being all sweaty and hot in her tattoos and tank top. #yum #strongwomen
  • Wed, 14:35: Also she keeps making eyes at me and finding excuses to remove clothing and show me more tattoos so I suspect she doesn't mind. ;)
  • Wed, 15:00: RT @seananmcguire: Put your penis in her hand? PUT YOUR PENIS IN HER HAND?! If I am suddenly holding an unexpected penis, I assume YOU DO…
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