Jun. 10th, 2013

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Jun. 10th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Sun, 13:03: RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: Good Morning, Canada! Recognize where I woke up? Gorgeous morning for a walk, out to get a little June sun on my face ht…
  • Sun, 13:09: RT @cstross: Others have already tweeted this, so just to confirm ... I am told by family friends that Iain Banks died this morning. RIP.
  • Sun, 13:26: GF texts, "Good morning!" Me: "I JUST woke up! How did you know?" "You started retweeting things. It's usually a sure sign!" #guilty #love
  • Sun, 16:41: Shoe shopping! ...Ineffectually. Temporarily defeated by my giant man feet. Oh well. Am used to it. Time for an effort-rewarded smoothie!
  • Sun, 16:43: RT @Jezebel: Kickstarter for 'all-female' miniatures reaches $12K goal in seconds http://t.co/1wEmYBK17w
  • Sun, 17:00: RT @sexgeekAZ: Swedish male train conductors wear skirts in protest of no-shorts policy. http://t.co/37bm45ZJ8v Results are super sexy. Mor…
  • Sun, 17:55: RT @SWildlifepics: Snakes can truly be beautiful creatures! http://t.co/d2UbkEFcY3
  • Sun, 18:24: Poor mom. Had her first ever panic attack yesterday. Didn't know what it was, hoping I could confirm. "Is that what they're like?! AWFUL!"
  • Sun, 19:45: Tonight's dinner was bison burgers and sweet potato fries! But I ate them too fast and forgot to take a photo. WOOPS. #foodisgood
  • Sun, 19:48: But now we are making mini bison meatloaf! Salsa, honey, bacon bits, two eggs, panko bread crumbs. http://t.co/TGsrbyr81c
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