Mar. 15th, 2013

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Mar. 15th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Thu, 14:36: Really aggressive chihuahua with no collar was running in and out of traffic at entrance to my parents' neighbourhood. GAAAAH
  • Thu, 14:37: Between snowbanks, dog's small size, & the sharp turn, nobody could see it. My dad almost ran it over in his truck before I saw & yelled.
  • Thu, 14:40: Made dad pull over, went knocking on doors. No dice. Dog would not allow us to approach it. VERY aggressive. Probably scared & cold, too.
  • Thu, 14:41: We were able to keep it off the road by yelling/stomping. Was looking up # for animal control when woman exits nearby house to catch a cab.
  • Thu, 14:43: Turns out it's her dog. "Oh," she laughs. "He always gets out. I had the garage open earlier. It's okay!" I may or may not have yelled.
  • Thu, 15:08: Now for quiet, tea, and calm. Trying not to resent fuckheads who neglect their animals when someone like me can't even afford a cat.
  • Thu, 20:27: Sitting at a sewing machine in my parents' kitchen with my pants off. I am making really awesome leggings!
  • Thu, 20:46: Tada! I loves them, precious.
  • Thu, 22:30: Curled up in bed with a toastywarm hot water bottle, fighting off the cold oldschool-style. Would use an antique coal warmer if I could!
  • Thu, 22:31: The only thing missing right now is a cat. #sagenod
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