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"Doll With a Ghost In It, II" necklace: glass, wood, plastic, vintage buttons, sterling silver, a tiny glass bottle with a pearl and some really spooky corroded pins in it, and so on. This is a major piece of work.

"Doll With A Ghost In It, III" necklace: opal, rutilated quartz, blue goldstone glass, shell, stone with green shimmers in the depths, Swarovski crystal, glass, jasper, turquoise of dubious provenance, furnace glass, borosilicate lampwork glass, quartz with wonderful inclusions, distressed beads, mysterious beads, a bottle full of pins and magic, and a whole lot more....

"Dragon Candy: Carnival Dragons" necklace: crackled dyed stone, glass, sterling silver. About thirty-eight inches long.

"Intermediate Rose Magic" necklace: glass and sterling silver. About 96 inches long.

"Vulture Goddess (Knows No Pity)" necklace: glass, unknown beads from an old treasurebox of mine that held letters, crystal, stone, horn, Swarovski crystal, vintage German glass, a button, a caged broken electric blue boulder opal (shown in photos 4-6), wood, ocean jasper, a plastic bead that might be from an old Mardi Gras necklace throw, jasper, one wooden skull bead, labradorite, sterling silver, etc. CAUTION: distressed beads here have SHARP EDGES. You have been warned.


"Where You Find It" necklace-crown: quartz, carnelian, sterling silver


"A Botanist in Faeryland" earrings: Lori Robbins lampwork beads, Swarovski crystal, GF beads and wire.

"A Good Question, Isn't It?" earrings: opalite glass, pressed glass owl beads, and sterling silver.

"At the Bottom of the Garden Was a Door" earrings: lampwork glass, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver.

"Housekeeping in Elfland" earrings: zinc alloy charms, interesting lavender stone, sterling silver.

"Intricate Music" earrings: cloisonne, glass, gold filled beads and wire.

"Life Is a Carnival" earrings: Beau Hawn lampwork beads, Swarovski crystal, GF beads and wire.

"Not Where You Think You Are" earrings: laser-cut wooden key charms (please see note below), Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling silver.

"Obstreperous Rose" earrings: color-treated shell, glass, sterling silver.

"Paying the Mer-King Back" earrings: laser-cut wooden key charms (please see note below), color-treated cultured freshwater pearls, glass, sterling silver.

"Poet's Blood" earrings: Beau Hawn lampwork beads, Swarovski crystal, GF beads and wire.

"Song for the Skies" earrings: zinc alloy wings, glass and sterling silver.

"Sonnet Written In Sand" earrings: hami jasper, glass and sterling silver.

"the koan" earrings. They had no specific description; it was in the list of superlight earrings here.

"The Richness of the Oak Queens" earrings: plated charms, glass, GF wires.

"When Eldest Sister Grew Her Wings" earrings: Swarovski crystal, sterling silver beads and wire.


"Beautiful Dark, Beautiful Home" pendant: silver-plated seahorse charm, labradorite, sterling silver.

"Getting Inside" pendant: labradorite of a particularly stealthy nature, which has not blue or colored flash, but a whole rain of silver lightning when it displays its secrets, a zinc alloy key charm, and sterling silver.

"How To Summon A Superhero" pendant: dyed sediment stone, glass, metal bead, sterling silver.

"In This Life or Another" pendant: an ancient old coin (Roman?), a piece of ancient Roman glass, sterling silver.

"Metamorphosis Afternoon" pendant: labradorite, sterling silver

"Possibility" pendant: fluorite and sterling silver.

"Spoonful of Mercy" pendant: zinc alloy spiral and spoon charm, color-treated cultured freshwater pearls, sterling silver. Much better in person; these photos don't show the star-shaped pearls well enough, and the wire just looks like a tangle. Sigh.

"Sunrise Gate" pendant: dyed shell, zinc alloy charm, sterling silver. This is actually a delicate blend of goldenrod/coral/blush tones, not the bright yellow the light makes it appear to be, though there is a yellow base color.

"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: My Leaves Trump Yours, I" pendant: dyed agate, zinc alloy leaf charm, sterling silver wire.

"Trooping the Colors Back Under the Hill" pendant: a wonderfully subtle big agate bead, more agate, carnelian round, sterling silver wire.

"What To Ask For" pendant: dyed sediment stone, sterling silver.

"Whoso pulleth the shears from this stone is rightwise Queen of the Fabric Stash" pendant: stone with a coppery glitter applied (probably over druzy), carnelian beads, brass shears, sterling silver wires, and triumphant laughter.

[ profile] elisem made two wee pendants for my niecelets - "Shooting Star" with meteroite and "Pink Magic" with lampwork bead. While we're at it, though, I also have a wee little mystery pendant called "tiny enchantment" that I can't find any record of anywhere, either in my invoices or her shinies posts, though it is clearly one of hers. Sneaky little enchantment, indeed. ;)
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