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Dec. 16th, 2013 12:00 pm
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  • Sun, 12:06: RT @BBCWorld: Has the time come for the female condom, some 20 years after it was first launched?
  • Sun, 12:13: Re RT: So excited for @OrigamiCondoms, y'all.
  • Sun, 12:31: RT @Emanix: "So it's ground up plant babies, mixed with beaten bird babies and food stolen from baby cows?" May change my view of pancakes …
  • Sun, 12:42: RT @NightValeRadio: The hills are alive.
  • Sun, 12:42: RT @aphotink: It is -19°C (-2°F), -31 (-24) with the windchill. Appropriate outerwear for this weather, FTR, is a house with a fireplace.
  • Sun, 12:46: RT @LoriAdorable: It's fascinating to me how many people will dig their heels in rather than just say 'sorry'. THAT is the part that makes …
  • Sun, 12:46: RT @TrancewithMe: Look, I've thought, said and done stupid shit myself. Everyone has. But if you can't learn & change, that's the disgrace …
  • Sun, 20:00: That happy moment when a piece of jewelry you like but never wear finds a better home with a friend who will love it properly. #pleased
  • Sun, 20:42: Aaaand back on the phone with Virgin Mobile because my phone bill has $200 of charges that should be covered by my plan. AGAIN.
  • Sun, 21:06: OH GOD. Someone please remind me that my mixer is perfectly good and I don't need to replace it with a teal one.
  • Sun, 21:51: RT @The_Gecko: @chellenator isn't it great we have phone providers we can trust to responsibly self-regulate, so the CRTC totally doesn't n…
  • Sun, 22:36: Tonight's cleaning music is Indie Pop circa 2007. You're welcome. Rilo Kiley - "Silver Lining":
  • Sun, 23:13: RT @GLValentine: "We do not want the girls." I'm developing a vocabulary of carefully-calibrated sighs for this stuff.…
  • Sun, 23:14: Re previous RT: (And I see the commenters linked it too. Ha.)
  • Mon, 01:35: RT @GailSimone: The more you try to learn, the more aware you become that you don't know very much.
  • Mon, 02:30: RT @Auragasmic: That's what I don't get about the anti-government crowd. I don't know anyone who wants the "freedom" to work 4 jobs w/o ben…
  • Mon, 02:30: RT @mallelis: "What kinds of names do white people have," the writer asked himself as he penned the script. "I guess...THADDEUS. Done."
  • Mon, 05:47: First a week of migraines, now waking up at 6am with vertigo. Dear brain: Are you okay? Seriously. I am concerned.
  • Mon, 09:25: RT @damana: The Turduken is obsolete. Behold the Cthuken.
  • Mon, 09:30: RT @thomas_violence: used to be you'd get to know someone before fuckin em, nowadays insectoid monstrosities tower over us as we work nonst…


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